Anthem – E3 2017


Anthem is set to be the latest IP from Bioware and was announced at EA Play on June 10th. We were given a brief teaser (shown below), with more information and a gameplay trailer (also below) shown at the Microsoft press conference on June 11th. The newest project by Casey Hudson, executive producer on the original Mass Effect Trilogy, Anthem has been in the works since Hudson founded his new team at Bioware Edmonton. With him at the helm of Anthem, it eases the anxiety many of us felt of receiving another Mass Effect: Andromedalike game from Bioware.

Anthem revolves around controlling “Freelancers,” people who are brave enough to leave behind cities and civilization in order to explore the massive and unknown wilds of the open landscape the game features. Termed a “shared-world action-RPG” by EA, Anthem allows up to four players to band together as they explore the wild in their array of Javelin exosuits. With each exosuit displaying different traits that give the player superhuman abilities, diversity  becomes your strength as you tackle challenges in the dangerous wild.

We here at WTMG can’t wait to see more of Anthem as the coming months roll by.






Anthem releases in 2018 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.