Sea of Thieves – E3 2017


Sea of Thieves, here we are at another E3 getting a glimpse of this pirate adventure. While past showings of this game were filled with very choreographed team chatter that felt fake and cringey, this time we get a very Rare feeling trailer. It was light, it was funny, and unlike other trailers it showed some sort of mission structure beyond only a map with a red X.

As a Sea of Thieves insider alpha player, it was rewarding to see all the changes that have been worked on and showcased in this trailer. We got sword fights, full caverns, puzzles to solve, sunken ships, a man cannon (boarding boats with this thing is going to be wild), and of course sweet sweet booty. While Rare still has a lot of work to do with their upcoming massive pirate game, it seems to be coming together nicely.



With this great new trailer we get the unfortunate news that it will be delayed until early 2018. It’s a bummer, but seeing how much work and polish they put into this game since the last time we saw it, the extra time will definitely benefit the game and ultimately the players.