Starlink: Battle for Atlas – E3 2017


Starlink: Battle for Atlas is Ubisoft’s new toy peripheral game. The trailer only showed these toy peripherals being compatible with the Nintendo Switch, despite the game also coming to Xbox and Playstation. The trailer shows the player able to attach a ship to the Nintendo Switch controller changing the ship on screen to the one currently attached, but it doesn’t stop there. Depending on the enemies you are fighting you will have to physically swap out the guns on your ship peripheral to change up its firepower. While that initially sounds neat, having to swap through multiple guns and ships while you’re playing sounds cumbersome and depending on how they sell these peripherals, it could be quite expensive.

The game play seems to strictly stay with ship combat and as the trailer shows we will be exploring a wide variety of locales from different planets. There were wide open space battles and cramped low to the ground canyon fights and everything in between.



Starlink: Battle for Atlas is due out in Fall 2018 for Nintendo Switch, Playstation and Xbox.