God of War – E3 2017


Sony showcased a stunning gameplay trailer of the God of War reboot at their E3 conference that showed some flashy and gory 3rd person hack-n-slash combat, some enemy variety, and some more father/son bonding time. We also might have gotten a glimpse of some narrative from some of the possible characters from the Norse mythology. Fenrir (Father of Wolves, son of Loki) may have been both glimpsed and heard in the trailer while Jörmungandr (World Serpent, son of Loki) is most definitely referenced when Kratos and Atreus come face to face with the giant serpent. With two of three of Loki’s children possibly represented, can Hel be too far behind? Regardless, the enemies are looking amazing and I’m sure we will have to destroy them in the typical over-the-top gory God of War way.



God of War will be coming sometime in 2018.