About Way Too Many Games

Way Too Many Games is an up and coming video gaming site run by a group of friends from around the world united by their passion and love of games. We’re simply fans writing for other fans and are always open to feedback. Here we publish reviews, opinion pieces, E3 coverage, and our own personal awards such as the Cream of the Crap (given to exceptionally bad games who are in need of a roast session) and the Wiseau Awards (given to games that are so bad they’re miraculously good somehow).

At Way Too Many Games we feature a stringent review method divided into four segments: Graphics and Gameplay (each of those representing 25% of the final score), Sound (10% of the final score) and Fun Factor (40%). Final scores are always rounded to the nearest multiple of 0.5. No longer will you run across the frustration of not understanding why a game got the score it did, or feel the experience of questioning why a game got a 7.9 instead of an 8.

The Team:

Leo Faria – Big Boss and Maniacal Game Collector

Founder and mastermind behind Way Too Many Games, hailing from the southern swag that is São Paulo, a Sega widower who considers the Dreamcast to be the greatest console ever released, the greatest Guitar Hero and Tetris player you’ll ever meet. My favorite games include Perfect Dark, Banjo-Tooie, the Guitar Hero series, Bioshock Infinite and Star Wars Rogue Squadron II. I also own an Ouya. Never turned it on.

Andrew Loeschner – Chief Editor and Strategist

As the editor-in-chief of Way Too Many Games I’m the gate keeper of content. Every article and post passes through me before publishing. Basically this means that if there are any spelling or grammatical errors it’s probably my fault. Conversely, if you actually enjoyed reading an article, that’s probably my fault too. When I’m not writing for other sites, editing for this one, spending time with friends and family, modeling, or hiking in the woods then I’m probably playing a third-person action-adventure game that has a penchant for story and great characters. Among my list of favorite games you’ll find Sly Cooper, The Last of Us, Uncharted, Red Dead Redemption, and the Batman Arkham games.

Jordan Hawes – Reviewer and Ginger in Chief

Our resident Californian ginger, Jordan’s one of the only ones on the team who has a family (aka life). When he’s not taking care of sick kids he’s playing games with a wife who’s just as much a gamer as him or actually reviewing them for us, making him a valuable member of the team. Even if he’s pretty much stolen all our souls. His favorites include Dark Souls, Fallout 2, Majora’s Mask, and Shadow of the Colossus. 

Jason Palazini – Director of Strategy and Hipster in Chief

Boston born turned typical Brooklyn hipster with too much beard and too little time; trading off sleep for the chance to test his patience with the most frustrating games. From Dark Souls to The Witness to the ironman Xcom playthrough; if it offers a challenge, it’s on his list. When he’s not hiding in the mountains, editing music tracks, or pretentiously talking about craft beer, you’ll find him replaying the Bioshock, Mass Effect, or Soulsborne franchises.

Todd Eggleston – Reviewer and Reason HR Exists

East Coast Born and bred, Todd has been in this game for a long time. B&W TV in the kitchen with Pong hooked up to it. Atari 2600 with Pitfall and Combat. Commodore 64 with Wizardy. PC with King’s Quest on 5″ floppy’s. Nintendo, SNES, Gameboy, Gameboy Color, SEGA, PlayStation, Xbox… like previously stated, Todd has been doing this a long time. With his wife and kids, he is also introduced to gaming he would otherwise ignore like mobile, platformers and MOBA’s, but his main niche is those Action Adventure narrative games.