Playstation VR – E3 2017

With Playstation VR being one of the top selling and most accessible VR headsets on the market, expectations were high to see what Sony pulled out as a major PSVR killer app. While Sony didn’t reveal any games that will urge the masses to go out and buy a VR, they did offer up a handful of different styled games for those who already have VR to look forward to


Superhot VR

A surprise announcement that I personally believed should have been in Sony’s conference, Superhot is finally coming to PSVR. Release date: Summer 2017


Star Child

Star Child is a brand new game for PSVR, while we got a reveal trailer, not much else is known about this game. However, the trailer was very flashy and had some interesting environments. Release date: TBD


Final Fantasy XV: Monster of the Deep

While you were playing Final Fantasy XV did you ever think to yourself, “Wow, I wish I can actually fish as Prince Noctis while catching cool Final Fantasy fish?” Well, your wish has come true. Final Fantasy XV: Monster of the Deep is a PSVR fishing game featuring your favorite fisherman, Prince Noctis. Release Date: September 2017


Bravo Team

Bravo Team is a new VR first person shooter from the developers of Until Dawn and Killzone HD, Supermassive. While the announcement trailer didn’t specifically showcase Sony’s new PSVR Aim controller, it’s a clear candidate to incorporate the fantastic peripheral. Release date: TBD


The Inpatient

Another announced game from Supermassive, The Inpatient takes place in a psychiatric ward set 60 years before the events of Until Dawn, Supermassive’s hit thriller. Release date: Release date: TBD



Newly announced PSVR game Moss seems to be taking some heavy inspiration from the children’s book series, Redwall. With an adorable mouse as the main character and set as a 3rd person action adventure game with puzzles, sword fights and boss battles, Moss, might be a break out hit for PSVR. Release date: TBD



DOOM VFR (DOOM Virtual Freakin Reality) was previously announced during Besthesda’s E3 2017 conference, and while it was only showcased for HTC Vive, we did get confirmation that it will be coming to PSVR. Release date: 2017


The Elders Scrolls V: Skyrim VR

There seems to be no stopping Bethesda from launching Skyrim on every device possible, but Skyrim VR may be the only iteration (besides the original) that might have me throwing more money at Skyrim. Anyone who has played in PSVR or comparable VR headsets understands the immersion it can provide and what better world other than Skyrim to get lost in? Release date: 2017