The Wiseau Awards – Resident Evil 6 (PS4)

Resident Evil 7 is out now, and everybody’s praising the hell out of it, with a good reason, as it is the franchise’s triumphal return to its former horror glory, something previous entries have clearly disappointed. This article won’t be focused in praising RE7, though. WTMG has already reviewed it, in case you’re wondering. It’s time for us to talk about something else.

It’s time to tackle the beast, the hated one, the infamous one, that-which-shall-not-be-mentioned: Resident Evil 6.


But I didn’t kill the deputy

Technically speaking, RE6 isn’t exactly a bad game. Its visuals are decent for a previous-gen game; its dialogue, though stupid, is at leat reasonably well-performed, especially if you compare it to the first Resident Evil for the PS1; finally, it does feature okay-ish controls, responsive and all that.

Of course, none of this matters when the game doesn’t feel like part of franchise, with its focus in combat, shooting and action. RE6 is usually considered the most hated entry in the franchise by everyone who has played it, and I’m not here today to tell you that it doesn’t deserve all the infamy. I’m here today to tell you that there is another way to actually enjoy this hilarious atrocity, if you’re willing to.


Zombies and judo. Match made in heaven

Resident Evil 6 is an unintentionally great horror comedy game. It’s pretty much the closest to a loyal adaptation of Evil Dead you’ll ever see in videogames. Everything is so dumb, absurd, over-the-top, imbecile and cheesy, you can’t help but laugh at many of the game’s moments and features.

Every single campaign features a plot so incredibly cheesy it’s hilarious. Every single chapter is completely corny and over-the-top, with more guns, explosions and nonsensical dialogue than your average Michael Bay movie.

Not only that, but you pretty much kill more enemies in one chapter alone than in all previous old-school Resis combined. And if you run out of ammo, don’t worry. In Leon’s campaign, for example, two kicks were enough to literally remove the head off a zombie. In comparison, you need three pistol hits. In a short time the game turned into a demented-but-adorable Frankenstein mixture of a (tiny little bit of) survival horror, a zombie comedy, a Lifetime Channel drama, a SyFy B-movie and a kung-fu flick (that Jake campaign, good grief that thing is the epitome of stupid!), all in one, all at the same time.


It’s so stupid it’s brilliant

Try not to take it seriously, and Resident Evil 6 becomes a ridiculously stupid but enjoyable shooter. It plays decently, it has co-op, it has okay visuals. It’s just too moronical for anyone with an IQ over 0.17 to give a crap about the characters or what they are going through. If you don’t take it seriously, if you see it with the same eyes you see a preposterous movie like Batman & Robin or Plan 9 From Outer Space, there’s actually a good chance you’ll have fun with it.

Surely, it is easily the biggest black sheep in the series, but it’s also the most hilarious. The icing on the cake would be the DLC inclusion of the original voice acting from the first Resident Evil for the PS1. That would make the game a true tenattaten in the Wiseau scale.

Easily worth tree fiddy.

But no more than that. Remember, you need money for the booze.

Also available on PS3, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC