The Wiseau Awards – Who’s Your Daddy?

Released just in time for Christmas in 2015, Who’s Your Daddy? is a ridiculous 1 vs. 1 game that pits Daddy against his troublesome potato of a baby.


The objects of the game differ depending on the role you play. Daddy is tasked with completing random house chores before Mommy gets home. In a standard match, you have 4 minutes to put away all of Baby’s toys, baby-proof the house, and keep an eye on your kid. Your objective as Baby is to be as destructive as possible, usually self-destructive.


Your goal as Baby is to run around and do all of the things that makes parenting difficult. Discover what bleach tastes like, learn to swim without supervision, conduct science experiments with metal and power outlets, and get yourself an oven tan. Do absolutely all that you can to stop Daddy from earning his #1 Dad Mug this year.


Does he?

If it wasn’t for the intentionally cheesy music this game might be a bit too dark. The MIDI soundtrack is almost as bouncy as music that of Tim Burton, distracting from the reality of game’s context.

As glitchy and buggy as it can be, Who’s Your Daddy? is always entertaining and I will never get tired of hiding in the toilet.