The Villains We Want To See In Spider-Man PS4

We finally got a solid look at the Spider-Man‘s gameplay, showcased at E3 2017. But while we were able to get a peek at combat, stealth, and all around web slinging, we only know so much about what villains we’ll be going up against in the game. We saw in the E3 2017 gameplay that Wilson Fisk (Kingpin) has already been caught and is working with Spider-Man to capture Martin Li (Mr. Negative). But beyond that we’re kept in the dark as to what other villains will make an appearance. And with a rogues gallery second only to Batman in the superhero world, here are some villains we hope to see Insomniac bring to life in Spider-Man.

Dmitri Smerdyakov (Chameleon)

Spider-Man Villains List Chameleon

“I am invisible because I am the same thing you look at every dreadful, dull day. I am the day before you realize everything has gone horribly, horribly wrong. I am the Chameleon.”

With Chameleon being affiliated with Kingpin, this choice seems likely and also could be one of the more unique choices that could let Insomniac get pretty creative. With his ability to impersonate anyone and with a background of a Russian spy, we could see some interesting twists. He originally didn’t have any actual powers besides being awesome with makeup and being a master spy, but eventually he altered his skin with a serum that would let him change his look at his will. This could lead to some interesting tracking for Spider-Man, getting clues from Kingpin and having to track and make use of his photography to try and catch Chameleon in the act. This storyline could also lead into or tie into his half brother:


Sergei Kravinoff (Kraven the Hunter)

Spider-Man Villains List Kraven

“I need to sharpen my stalking skills… if Kraven is to hunt again!!”

Kraven the Hunter is a big game hunter, taking down some of the largest and most dangerous wild animals this planet has to offer. He was so good at hunting animals that he soon became tired of this “sport.” It was at that point his half brother (Dmitri Smerdyakov-Chameleon) enlisted his help with a hunt he had never experienced before. Kraven gained power by drinking exotic jungle elixirs given to him by his voodoo priestess lover Calypso. This elixir gave him the speed, agility and ferocity of a savage beast. And in Spider-Man this could lead to some interesting fights, showing off Spider-Man’s own agility and speed as well as some surprise attacks from Kraven hunting Spider-Man down.


Joseph (Hammerhead)


“Who said I can’t put a man in the cage? Before I ran my own gang I was a Maggia enforcer. Know how I got to the top? Head first!”

Hammerhead began his career as a junior hit-man working for the Maggia. When his head was shattered in a brawl, Jonas Harrow discovered him in an alley and operated on him – replacing his broken skull with one made of second-hand adamantium. Hammerhead was involved in a major gang war and while Wilson Fisk was laying low it left an opening for Hammerhead and Dr. Ock to replace him. Now I don’t know if that exact story will be in play here, but obviously there is a turf war with Fisk where he might want Spider-Man to take him down while he is now arrested. With Dr. Negative’s help Hammerhead became super powerful, and with an adamantium head, he essentially is a 1920’s mobster juggernaut. I would love to see his hand-to-head skills come into play ramming Spidey through buildings and cars down the streets of Manhattan.


Otto Octavius (Doctor Octopus)

Spider-Man Villains List Doc Ock

Now, watch me trap a spider in a web of my own — a web made of my new-found arms! Your strength is merely that of a spider, but mine is the energy of an atom, born of a nuclear accident!”

I wont get into Otto’s backstory because it’s a long one and I think most of us at least have a basic understanding of who he is. He can fit in here well with Fisk wanting revenge on hammerhead and Otto replacing him when he was laying low or in this case arrested. With the new physics based web swinging, it would be awesome to see how they would handle Doctor Octopus climbing and swinging himself around with his mechanical arms. Also depending on how deep of the lore Insomniac wants to get into Otto could be a very interesting character to dabble in. Not to mention he’s one of Spider-Man’s most iconic and recognizable villains.


Norman Osborn (Green Goblin)

Green Goblin

“Take a look, Parker–a good, long look–it’s the last face Spider-Man will ever see–it’s the real face of the Green Goblin–the face of Norman Osborn!”

Green Goblin has had plenty of versions throughout different Spider-Man movies and video games, but I want to see what Insomniac can do with him. With the power of the PS4 we could see some really nice looking effects from his various bombs and some interesting web slinging with the new physics engine. Green Goblin is a well known classic and as a former partner of Doctor Octopus he could easily tie into the Fisk story. On top of it all, he’s arguably Spider-Man’s greatest and most famous villain, and sidelining him completely in this game would be a wasted opportunity.


Quentin Beck (Mysterio)


“Regardless of the size of the audience… Always make an entrance boy… Always Make An Entrance!”

Mysterio is one of Spider-Man’s more interesting villains. While not having a super power, he is a formidable foe who uses his knowledge of special effects, engineering, chemistry, psychiatry, and hypnotism to conquer his enemies. Mysterio could be a very fun character for Insomniac to handle with his ability to basically teleport and his gases and hypnotism to confuse and make Spidey see things. He could also be a nice fit into the Fisk story considering, well, he kills Fisk in the comics.


Maxwell Dillion (Electro)

Spider-Man Villains List Electro

“Jewels! Money! No matter how much I take, I want more–much more! And with my great power, nothing can stop me from getting it!”

Electro being a part of The Sinister Six would be a fine fit with the inclusion of the other villains, plus seeing him flying on lightning and blasting lightning bolts throughout the city with those visuals and particle effects would be awesome. Have a story mission where he drains New York’s power causing a black-out and you have to navigate the city while using your Spidey senses. That might sound better on paper than in execution, but a battle with Electro would certainly be flashy nonetheless.


Dr. Curtis Connors (Lizard)


“Not… a monster. I’m Curtisss Connorsss. And I will never let the monstersss win again.”

Lizard with his super-human speed, strength, agility and regenerative healing is a formidable foe for Spider-Man. There could also be a chance for Insomniac to deliver a little more linear level design by bringing us down into the sewers to track and fight Lizard. While I would love to see this story arc in the game it’s probably best left as a side mission of tracking and trying to create an antidote to cure Dr. Connors.


Cletus Kasady (Carnage)


“Evil is forever… and they don’t get more evil than me!”

As a child, Cletus killed his grandmother by pushing her down a flight of stairs, tried to murder his mother by tossing a television into her bathtub, and tortured and killed his mother’s dog. He then, naturally, grew up to be a serial killer and was eventually thrown into Ryker’s Island Prison. I don’t think Insomniac is going to be touching on the Symbiote story line for this installment, but I would love to see a well done new gen rendition of Carnage. This is where Insomniac could get quite adult and dark with their story and I would love to see them handle that.


Jacob Nash (Shade)

Spider-Man Villains List Shade

“I wear my sunglasses at night…”

Shade is not a very well known character and one I don’t expect Insomniac to touch on, but his abilities are something that would be interesting to see handled. On Earth, Shade is an intangible astral projection. For every human he traps within the astral plane, he can solidify on Earth for one Earth day and turn intangible again by touching the brand on his neck that he received during the gateway ritual. Shade can be super-humanly strong and durable on the astral plane. His limited time on earth could be an interesting mission where you would only have a certain amount of time to track him down before he’s gone again. Spidey then has to defeat him in the astral plane to completely stop him which would give Insomniac some completely unique gameplay and environmental freedom.


What do you think of these choices? Do you have your own personal favorite Spider-Man villain you would like to see get some Insomniac love? Sound off in the comments and let me know.