Review – Energy Cycle

Platinum in 15 minutes!

Oh. You’re still here? Hmm. Awkward. Honestly, I didn’t really think of anything more to review about the game.

Energy Cycle is an extremely “mobile-like” puzzle game for your PS4 and, this week, your PS Vita as well. Right away you have three modes to play: Puzzle, Time Attack, and Infinite Play. The basic premise of the game is you have a group of scattered colored orbs that you need to match to all the same color. The catch is clicking on one orb changes its color as well as any orb in its direct horizontal or vertical path. That is it. As with any mobile puzzle game: wash, rinse, repeat with slightly more difficult puzzle.

Energy Cycle

Match the colors!

The music is actually pretty good. Nothing special or magical that pulls you into an immersion. Just synthesized trance music but with a kick and a beat to it. Honestly, it was pretty nice not having dub step or strobe light club music hitting me for the full time. Even the faster instrumentals still had a calm to them. But since the music does little but keep the game from becoming too monotonous, it is what it is.

The Puzzle mode is just what you would assume. Go through 28 levels of solving puzzle after puzzle. Time Attack is not a big surprise either. You have X time to solve a new set of puzzles, which you see in a clock counting down in the top right corner.  And Infinite Play is where you keep going in a never ending set of puzzles.

But honestly, we ain’t got no time for that! Here is the glitch to fully Platinum immediately after finishing Puzzle Mode. Start Time Attack and play the first level. After completing you will get the load screen for level two. Here is where you start spamming X until the level load screen skips all the way to 30. You will see it skip to each new level. After 30, go back to Home and do the same thing for Infinite Play.

Energy Cycle

Easiest platinum ever!

In a world of My Name is Mayo’s, at least this one tries to be something remotely decent. And hey; Platinum in 15 minutes!!

Energy Cycle

Reviewed on PS4.
Also available on: PlayStation Vita