Review – Fight of Gods

You’ve probably heard about Fight of Gods for two reasons: The first one being that Jesus is a playable character, and secondly, the Malaysian government banned the game from the country because, well, Jesus is a playable character. This episode has sparked the curiosity in gamers, myself included. Frankly, I hadn’t heard anything about Fight of Gods until the Malaysian story hit the news.

But, there’s not much else say about this game.


JC is furious.

Fight of Gods is an arcade-style fighting game that reminded me a lot of the newest Killer Instinct. From its presentation to its fighting style to even its carbon copied training mode. Its main draw is the roster composed of gods and religious figures from all regions and eras. There are only ten fighters in the game, an amount that would be considered disappointing even for mid-90’s standards. And only a third of them are figures from current religions, minimizing the excitement that came with playing such a “controversial game.” The rest are your stereotypical mythological homies such as Odin, Zeus, Sif and Anubis. There are no figures from Hinduism, for instance. Granted, seeing Jesus and Buddha in a fighting game is oddly amusing at first, but it doesn’t take long for this schtick to get old and boring.


This isn’t as amusing as you think it is.

Besides the lackluster roster, Fight of Gods lacks in game modes variations. It has a very barebones arcade mode, with no character stories or anything special, a training mode and your typical versus. There’s very little to hold player’s attention here, given how uninspired the arcade mode is, and the lack of additional content.

The game itself doesn’t look great or have a smooth combat system, either. Everything is mediocre at best, with visuals resembling an early Xbox 360 game and stiff controls, the only saving grace in this aspect is the over-the-top character design. Jesus especially, with his ultra-angry looks and wooden cross caetus. In true 90’s fighting game spirit, the developers made sure to program “jiggle physics” on some of the female fighters.


Talk to the hand.

In the end, Fight of Gods might have had its 15 minutes of fame thanks to the Steam controversy, but at its core, it’s just a painfully mediocre fighter that got a lot more attention than it should have. Combat isn’t anything special and its overall lack of content is annoying. Seeing Jesus punch Moses in the gonads is fun once or twice, but after that, all that’s left is a poor man’s Killer Instinct with less content than the first one for the Super Nintendo.

Now, if they ever include Xenu or the Spaghetti Monster on a sequel, that’ll make things a bit more interesting…