News – StoryLab Productions Announces New IP With The Coalition (Updated)

[Update 1/9/2018] It seems StoryLab Productions has removed the page previously announcing the ‘New IP’. No official word on if this was a fake or just an early leak that Microsoft quickly shut down to keep a new game under wraps. We will keep updating this page as new information gets released. If you click the link below to the page you will see that it is no longer found.

It seems StoryLab Productions and The Coalition will be teaming up once again, but this time it will be to create a brand new IP. StoryLabs’ website has a page link that announces that a brand new IP with The Coalition is currently in production. They inform us to “Please check back for further updates on this production”.


StoryLabs and The Coalition have worked together before on the Gears of War: Ultimate Edition and Gears of War 4 providing various services like motion capture, casting services, stunts and performers, production crews among other things to help The Coalition out. Gears of War: UE and Gears of War 4 had wonderful motion capturing so it is good to see these two teaming up once again to create something brand new. No official word from Microsoft or The Coalition about the project, however, so one could suspect this may have been an accidental post on StoryLabs’ part. Either way it is good news to hear that The Coalition will be working on a brand new IP instead of being strictly tied down to the Gears of War universe.


You can find the page from StoryLabs’ website ‘In Production’ page here.