PlayStation Countdown to E3 2018 Predictions

Sony seems to be trying something new this year. In the past, PlayStation would hold its presentation close to its vest. They would wow and surprise as they revealed titles like God of War or Horizon: Zero Dawn. But this year, they seem to be making attempts at playing the media. First dropping that they would be focusing on just four major tent pole titles at this years presentation and letting influencers run with that. And now revealing a lead up to E3 complete with dates and times to stay tuned for a daily announcement leading to Monday night.

So below are my predictions for each day. I am not always thinking “new” means “new” and some predictions may come with a slightly skewed look at the wording. But I am going off the idea that it is either newly arriving for PS4/VR or that it has some sort of exclusivity.

Wed. June 6th at 11am EST: Announce new PS4 game with PSVR support.

Ok… so the “announce new game” ones are going to be tough, but why not. Let’s take a stab anyway. This is all just predictions, right? So a new PlayStation 4 game with PlayStation VR support? I will take this to not mean a new IP so what could a returning franchise that could benefit from PSVR? You know what, let’s make a splash. Just like they did with RE7 and with PT, they drop a playable demo for Death Stranding!

Thur. June 7th at 11am EST: Release date for an upcoming Worldwide Studio’s title.

I immediately narrow this down to just two games. There is Day’s Gone from Bend, a game that has been getting a ton of coverage from its Game Informer pieces. Plus it is a game that has to come out soon to beat The Last of Us Part 2 and separate itself from their “zombie” apocalypse. But I am going with Media Molecule and Dreams here. It will have a release date of August.

Fri. June 8th at 11am EST: Announce new PS4 game.

Damn! This could be, well, anything. I am thinking this is going to have to be an indie title. PlayStation’s pre conferences never really pushed the AAA titles. But random indie title is never fun. How about Resident Evil 2: REmake? Let’s take it further and use the RE Engine.

Sat. June 9th at 11am EST: Announce new PSVR game.

Unfortunately, I also see this as a previously unanticipated indie title. However, I will try my best with an actual game prediction. How would you guys like Moss: Book Two? I know it is a long shot but I assume there was a good amount of resources left out of Book 1. Honestly, I am just hoping it isn’t another game from Supermassive.

Sun. June 10th at 11am EST: An eagerly anticipated game comes to PSVR.

An “eagerly anticipated” PlayStation VR game? I would take a safe route here with Golem since that game was supposed to have dropped in May. But there is that darn “eagerly anticipated,” and is anyone even remembering this game even exists? I also know the common thought will be Dreams. But I think I want to take another risk here and go with Beat Saber. Already released on Steam and Oculus, but only in Early Access.