E3 2018 – Battlefield V Single Player Teaser Trailer and Gameplay Preview

Battlefield 1 did a great job of introducing an anthology style campaign that took place in World War I across six very dramatic War Stories told through different characters and perspectives throughout the conflict. After revealing the first single player teaser trailer during Microsoft’s E3 conference, it looks as though DICE is looking to capitalize on it’s potential again by exploring stories from World War II’s battlefield that aren’t often told in video games. Watch the teaser below.

Details have also surfaced on Battlefield V‘s multiplayer mechanics. These changes to the series’ formula suggest a more refined experience that will considerably change the way players approach gameplay.

A similar mechanic to some more recent titles, players will be able to build and fortify destroyed structures. All players will be capable of accomplishing this task but, the support class will be more proficient. Areas that are capable of being built or fortified will be highlighted with a white outline. Even heavy weapons like anti air cannons can be built with surrounding fortifications to avoid incoming gunfire. Squad leaders can now call in reinforcements like missile strikes and care packages. And the support class is capable of building supply points.

Squad dependent gameplay

Whereas in Battlefield 1, a quick intermission behind the safety of a rock would fully restore your health and prepare you for battle, health now only regenerates half. In order to fully heal, you’ll need to seek health from a station or a nearby medic. If you’re downed by an opponent now, there’s no skipping the bleedout timer but, you can slow it down giving teammates an opportunity to heal you. Although everyone will be capable of healing their comrades, the medic class will play an important role in accomplishing this faster.

Help, I need a revive!

You now only spawn into the game with 1 additional magazine. In order to continue the fight, you’ll need to grab ammo from downed rivals or pick up their guns. Once again, you can resupply with the help of a support class otherwise, you must go back to a supply station to restock.

Getting shot no longer affects accuracy so, its easier to kill someone who may have spotted you first, effectively balancing the “twitch shooter” fashion of most first person games. Guns also now have more recoil but to compensate, the target reticle has improved accuracy as the gun’s continuous fire pulls you away from your adversary. This provides more strategy to making decisions on whether a burst fire, hip fire, or “spray and pray” style is necessary during a variety of scenarios.

“I love the smell of napalm in the morning”

The player can now shoot while vaulting and jumping over obstacles. This will obviously hurt accuracy but, you will no longer be a defenseless target while traversing the terrain. Your character will also be able to sprint while crouching making you a more difficult target to hit while moving between cover. When a teammate revives your downed avatar, you will default to this crouching posture. You can also go prone in different positions now diving to the ground on your back or sides while strafing in those directions.

Sprayed down while I’m laid down

Vehicles will have limited ammo and you will need to restock at supply points. Repairs only restore a limited amount of health in the field without supply points. Additionally, ground vehicles can tow equipment, supplies, and large stationary weapons which can actually be fired while being towed. This will provide a tremendous amount of calculation in placement and execution which will be critical to your team’s success.

We’ve got a tank

Based off of what we’ve seen. Battlefield V is appearing to be a more strategic and cerebral experience than ever before. The game is still in its pre-alpha stage so, take what we’ve learned thus far with a grain of salt. Several of these details may be changed prior to release.

Battlefield V is scheduled to release October 19th, 2018.