E3 2018 – Devil May Cry 5

Make him weep.

Well it’s finally official, Devil May Cry 5 is a real thing! After all the speculation and rumors we can finally relax and rejoice in this news. However, some initial concerns were voiced since the main focus seemed to be, yet again, on Nero and not Dante. Then at the end of the trailer Dante comes riding in on his motorcycle and everyone cheered!

DMC5 will be a direct continuation of DMC4 which is now 10 years old, yikes, has it really been that long? While Nero may still be the main protagonist, it will be interesting to see exactly what role Dante will play in 5, or perhaps we will get a split campaign between them? With a launch window of Spring 2019 we will surely find out more before then, but for now check out the announcement trailer.


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