June ’18 Kickstarter Round-Up

Welcome to WTMG’s Kickstarter Round Up for June 2018. We have a bunch of promising projects for you this month that you can still support to get your hands on.

Orphan Age

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Orphan Age is described as “somewhere between The Sims and This War of Mine” where you control a group of orphans who were left behind to fend for themselves while a war rages around them. Set in a dystopian cyber-punk world, every decision you make is vital to your survival. But in this unforgiving world, the odds are greatly stacked against you.

If this caught your attention, the demo is available to download on their kickstarter page. For $21, backers will get a digital PC copy at launch, as well as any additional stretch goal bonuses. Expected to be release this December, it will be a short wait for backers. But you’ll need to be quick! Orphan Age has less than two days left to back the project!

Xenonauts 2


Xenonauts 2 is a complex tactical strategy game that combines resource management with strategic grid based combat. Set in modern day, Xenonauts 2  takes place in an alternate timeline where alien interference prevented the end of the Cold War. NATO and the Soviet Union are still at risk of all-out nuclear warfare and it’s up to you to keep them unified against the threat of the alien invaders.

If this sounds like it’s right up your alley, there’s an alpha combat demo available via GOG. For roughly $33, backers will get access to the closed beta before Early Access launch. In addition, they’s get a full copy of the game at the launch of Early Access, a copy of the soundtrack, and a shout-out in the game’s credits. The project has already reached more than twice the required goal, and it still has twenty-two days to go. Early Access backers should expect to star playing this September.



Fractured is an open-world sand box MMORPG expected to launch in December of this year.  What sets Fractured apart from its counterparts is the ability to alter the environment to your advantage. Need to cross a river? Freeze the water to cross safely and melt them at will to drown enemies chasing you.

With over four hundred unique abilities, Fractured has a deep world ready to explore as soon as you’re prepared to. No more level grinding before you can access an interesting quest. Just jump right in wherever you would like. Fractured has you pursuing the knowledge of new abilities and reputation, not attribute points meaning you’ll never be too new to the game to play with your friends.

As of right now, Fractured is 35% of the way to their goal and with almost a full month remaining for their crowdfunding campaign, they are sure to reach their goals. For $29 backers will get a digital copy, access to the beta phase two, one month of VIP membership, unique titles and badges, and 2,000 in in-game currency.


The Binding of Isaac: Four Souls


Before you rush over and back this project, let’s be clear that it is not a sequel to The Binding of Isaac. It is however an upcoming card game made in the familiar twisted spirit of The Binding of IsaacThe Binding of Isaac: Four Souls is a card game coming this fall.

Each player will draw a character card, some loot cards, and a few pennies. Players will then take turns attacking monsters played to earn more loot and get stronger. As players get stronger, they can choose to fight bosses that will grant them a soul for defeating. The first player to get four souls wins. Just like The Binding of Isaac not all pick-ups are power-ups and loot you gather can either help or harm the group, ultimately turning players against one another.

The Binding of Isaac: Four Souls was fully funded within an hour and a half. Already reaching over five times their original goal, the campaign still has twenty nine days left. Backers will need to pledge $25 to get the base game with stretch goals added once the criteria is met. It’s expected to arrive in November of this year, just in time to keep you entertained when you get locked in your dark room over Thanksgiving.

The Flip Grip 


The Flip Grip is a fairly self explanatory accessory for the Switch. Your Switch slides into the Flip Grip vertically, allowing the Joy-cons to be attached on the side, giving players the chance to use play their games in portrait mode. This is particularly useful for the classic arcade games available in the Nintendo E-shop that would traditionally be played on an arcade cabinet. Instead of reducing the size of the image, players can now play the games as they were originally intended.

Flip Grip has raised double their original goal and can be expected to arrive in November of this year. You can get yours by pledging $12 to their campaign.


Updates from May’s Kickstarter Roundup:

198X– Backed by 1,902 supporters, raising $75,624, Hi-Bit Studios reached their goal and will be moving forward to complete their project. Expected in March 2019, 198X is still available to pre-order via their Kickstarter page.

Grimshade– With 1,097 backers, it reached $107,041 with their goal only being $100,000, Talerock managed to run a successful campaign. We’re all looking forward to seeing the final product.

Albatross– We are sad to say that Deeper Magic Productions came up short and was unable to fund their project. But as they wrote in their final update, this has not been their first roadblock and we have not seen the last of them.

Steamboat Billy: Curse of the Leviathan– Supported by 1,702 backers, ManaVoid Entertainment surpassed their original goal raising a total of $66,400. With their projected goal achieved, we can all expect to see this Disney cartoon inspired RPG on the shelve in September 2019.

Hellbound Tobias Rusjan ran an impressive campaign managing to raise $41,528 from only 546 backers. Inspired by DOOM, this demonic first person shooter is estimated to hit shelves in May 2019.

Edge of Time Ep 1: Rise of the Aeus– Unfortunately this project was canceled by the creator only two days after the campaign launched with no explanation.