September ’18 Kickstarter Round-up

With Summer officially over and Fall wrapping us in its chilly embrace, let’s take a look back at our final Summer month and see what it has for us.



Why should Mario Party be the only party game on the market? Skelittle: A Giant Party!! looks like a fantastic and wacky party game where you can even create your own trials for your friends to compete in! The Skelittles are a family of toys that have escaped cereal bosses and are taking control of the house.

It has been specifically designed for 2-4 players to get your friends and family involved for a good time. As of right now there are over 20 minigames to play (with more to come) and it also features the ability to create your own with the assets. The more you play Skelittle a Giant Party!!, the more objects you collect that you can use and combine to create your own games.

Bubble Studios is asking for $17,370 and has 21 days to go with a total of $1,371 already pledged. For $12 you will get the game as soon as it launches early access in Winter 2018 and also get your name in the credits.


Log Jammers

I had totally forgot all about Windjammers until I came across Log Jammers and I got a massive wave of nostalgia. If you are too young or just never came across Windjammers back in arcades or on the Neo Geo, you’re in for a treat.

Log Jammers is a competitive, arcade sports game featuring ax-throwing, blade-catching action with unique character abilities, funky arenas, and trash-talking timber beasts that will keep you chopping! Players must act as the defense and offense of their side, blocking axes and blades from entering the goal zone, and throwing the axes and blades back to the opponent’s side attempting to score.

Mega Cat Studios is asking for a total of $20,000 with $14,718 already pledged with 8 days to go. There is a special NES version for a minimum pledge of $60 which comes with 1 physical NES cartridge and 1 digital PC version. You can also pledge only $10 to get a digital PC version, digital OST, and a “Thank You” credit. There is a stretch goal to port it to PS4 and Xbox One, but the NES and PC versions are ready to go.


9Lives Arena.gif

9Lives Arena is a unique online RPG that is focused on 1v1 PvP with Perma-Death and Persistent Progression. 9LA has a special companion named Ooogy that will become your best friend. It is an interesting concept that reminds me a bit of Absolver where you aren’t locked into a class, but can become whatever you want by training and unlocking skill paths you want. But it’s a bit more on the RPG side than just a martial arts fighting game.

Create a unique hero, train against other players in the training’s grounds and level up your character. Only when you feel ready, enter the 9Lives Arena! How many victories can you achieve with 9Lives? Your account has a shared and persistent bank box where all items and resources are safely stored. Your Ooogy levels up over time and thanks to his help, progression becomes faster as he helps unlock new bloodlines, new spells, new weapon arts, and new spirit animals for you which are unlocked permanently for your account. Plus, Ooogy even works while you’re offline!

Touchhour, Inc. was only asking for $27,688 and has already crushed its goal with a total of $42,515, but there is still 8 days to go to secure your copy. For $39 you get a digital copy of the game for PC (other platforms coming later) and 1 random Ooogy.



Encased is set in an alternate 1970’s and revolves around the exploration of the Dome, a mysterious structure discovered in a remote desert. Encased takes heavy influence from the original isometric turn-based Fallout games and it looks fantastic.

“We are developing the game for a while already. We have reached pre-alpha and we are confident that Encased could become a great game. But we are a small team, and there is a lot of things that we’d like to add. With your help, Encased could become a way more ambitious, better fleshed out and polished project!” – Dark Crystal Games

Dark Crystal Games is asking for $99,592 and have reached a total of $82,379 with 12 days left to go to reach their goal. For the minimum pledge of $24.50 you get a digital key that will include the early access launch in early 2019, exclusive in-game item you get to choose, access to secret dev chat, wallpapers, and a credit in the game.


Wardens: A Cosmicist Odyssey


We typically don’t feature future products on our Round-up articles, but we are just so excited for this board game that we are going to feature it anyway! Our own Jason Palazini had the opportunity to talk with the creators of Wardens: A Cosmicist Odyssey to get some juicy details on their promising board game.

Play as Cthulthu and his legion of Starspawn and spread madness over what is left of humanity, or play as the Wardens team as they face an epic, final journey across a ravished world. Wardens offers great replayability with different types of modes, such as 1 vs All, Solo and Co-op.


Wardens Kickstarter doesn’t officially start until October 9th, but you need to know now so you can keep an eye on the project. Raven Tales is asking for $50,561 in 30 days to reach their goal and we definitely want to see them hit it!


Updates from August’s Kickstarter Round-up:

Hamsterdam crushed its goal of $8,000 with 699 backers totaling $15,725 and estimated delivery date of march 2019.

Hero: Tales of the Tomes just squeaked by their goal of $10,000 with $13,362 from 195 backers. We are expecting to have this in our hands around April 2019! Check out our hands on article

Saturday Morning Games we had the pleasure of playing at Play NYC and we are happy to report that they exceeded their goal of $5,000. They achieved a total of $6,003 from a total of 134 backers and we are looking forward to the final product soon!

Knights of Light was a game we had high hopes for. So much so we featured it in 2 of our Kickstarter articles. After falling extremely short of their goal the project was cancelled on September 22nd.

Sikanda is unfortunately another that didn’t reach their goal. As of now there are no other crowd funding plans going for Sikanda, but we hope the project is still alive.