BGS Hands-on – Dreams

If there’s one game that failed to grab my attention over the past few years, that game was Dreams. Maybe it was the fact that nobody initially knew what the game was even about. Maybe it was the sheer amount of delays coupled with long periods without any news about it. Suffice to say, I wasn’t expecting much from it at BGS, even though I was actually impressed a demo was available to the public in the first place. I left the event with a completely different mindset. After playing the demo, I really want to play more of Dreams, even though this is more of a creative tool than a game itself.

The Dreams demo was simple. It was a compilation of minigames created with the tools offered inside the game. There was a free-roaming 2D shooter that reminded me of Defender. There was a 3D space shooter that reminded me of Rogue Squadron, and it impressed me by even being able to give players a cockpit view option. There were two side-scrolling platformers: one featuring polygonal graphics and a the possibility to turn yourself into a flying bolt of light, as well as one game with actual hand-drawn graphics set inside a school notebook. There was also a small multiplayer game involving sentient hammers having to smash as many nails and walking lightbulbs (don’t ask) as possible, and a retro-styled text-based adventure.

The games themselves were all very short, as Sony only allowed us to play the demo for a bit less than ten minutes, but they weren’t what actually impressed me. What really impressed me was the the sheer variety of games you can create with Dreams‘ tools. I can only imagine what potential games will show up after a few weeks. If you have ever played a game that has a creative tool in it, you know how quick and talented some of its users are.

Prior to BGS, Dreams was a game whose existence I could barely remember. After BGS, Dreams is easily one of my most anticipated games for 2019 and hands down the most anticipated Sony-published game. While LittleBig Planet allowed people to make levels, Dreams allows you to make entire games. I’m really looking forward to playing some of the community’s creations! All I need now is for Sony to finally announce a bloody release date for the damn thing. Chop chop folks, we’re waiting!