November ’18 Kickstarter Round-Up

November is a great month to show your thanks and appreciation to the things and people in your life that matter most. We do hope you all had a great Thanksgiving and hopefully not too many drunken family fights broke out! Let’s take a look at what Kickstarter has to be thankful for with a slew of new campaigns for the month.



Freja and the False Prophecy is a 2D platform action adventure game set in the expansive world of Norse mythology. Fusing a unique hand-drawn aesthetic with exciting combat, rich detailed environments and a thrilling story, join Freja in her perilous journey through lands of monsters, giants, and gods!

This is the tale of one shield-maiden’s journey. A tale of betrayal, overcoming adversity, and self discovery. You’ll be the fallible heroine, Freja, troubled by a brutal past and thrust into the harsh unknown, as you traverse through the Nine Realms of Yggdrasil in search of answers and redemption.

Unsigned Double Collective is asking for $22,553 to make Freja a reality and with 21 days left and a 1/3rd of their goal already hit, we are hopeful this great looking hand drawn platformer will make it. There is also a demo available for anyone who would like to try it out.



God’s Gift is a 2D puzzle platformer with an emphasis on forward planning, exploration, and experimentation. The gameplay involves guiding mindless cultists throughout 30+ levels overcoming environmental and enemy based puzzles by mutating the cultists giving them many fantastic eldritch abilities.

The game is set in the strange realm of the Old Gods, ancient unfathomable beings from beyond our universe. Eons ago they drained our universe dry of all intelligent life, feeding on the souls of countless trillions, using this power to ascend into beings of pure psychic energy.

This Lemmings inspired pixel art game from Seventeen Uncles is asking for only $9,559 and has already broken their goal with 9 days left to go. You can still back the game and for only $10 you will get a digital copy of the game, a backer credit, and the soundtrack. There is also a demo available if you would like to try it out before backing it.



Kryptoids is a metroidvania battle-royale in which you’ve got to retrieve all keys of a labyrinth, which are guarded by dire bosses, in order to escape. You find yourself wandering a labyrinth full of evil spirits and monsters that’ll try to crush you like a bug. When the boss of a given zone is defeated, the zone will begin to start self-destructing, taking anybody that fails to escape along with it into the void. Don’t get lost!

A plan to release new content surrounding a given theme every 3-5 months for as long as the population of the game is alive. Types of content that will be in these releases will include new/updated characters, familiars, labyrinths, bosses, and possibly events or game-modes.


Kryptiods only has 5 days, and they’re only asking for $4,000. There are still some early bird special backers left so check out the game and the combat demo and make a pledge!



Manipulate the world with Faith, Hope, Love or Fear, Doubt, and Hate; the choice will be yours.

Adams Ascending is an inspiring, soulful exploration for new life and childlike revelation. It’s an immersive story driven game where the amount of dedicated exploration and gameplay choices made, will determine how the story unfolds. Will you make the decision to take on the world with physical strength or supernatural powers? The choice is yours. This game is a reflection of the soul and how your decisions can impact the world, but more importantly – your future.

In 3033, humanity is on the verge of discovering life in the universe. After a mining site on Mars recovers a mysterious anomaly, interstellar explorer, Adam, is driven to find answers. With new dimensions revealing themselves and revelations being raised about the true purpose of humanity, Adam must explore, solve, and survive in a new world that he has suddenly crash landed on. As physical and spiritual entities threaten to destroy reality as we know it, Adam must choose between being selfless or selfish to save not only himself, but potentially the world.

The creator behind this Adams Ascension is asking for $35,000 and has 27 days left to go on the campaign. Nick DePalo and his small team has put in a lot of hard work and it seems to be paying off. A minimum pledge of $25 is required to get a digital copy of the game for either Steam or the Epic Game Store. The release date is slated for 2020, but I believe the wait will be worth it.



Designed by Krzysztof Piskorski (one of the most well-known Polish fantasy writers) and Marcin Świerkot (owner of Awaken Realms, developer of Lords of Hellas, Nemesis, The Edge: Dawnfall), Tainted Grail will bring you adventure, survival, and exploration mechanics perfectly paired with character development and exciting combat and diplomatic systems.

Immersive, story-driven exploration will bring the world of Avalon to life, confronting you and your team with difficult choices that have far-reaching consequences. Over 100,000 words of branching story scripts provide many different paths to your goal as well as several different endings to your adventures!

Awakened Realms was only asking for a $50,981 and has already gotten 24,094 backers for a total of $2,672,235. Needless to say this game will be the next hit at your tabletop party so buy in now at the Kickstarter price.


Updates from Septembers Kickstarter Round-up: