Review – Fight Crab

Want to play a game with easily the simplest of premises? Look no further than Fight Crab, the new arena brawler from Calappa Games. This game doesn’t want to waste your time, going straight to the point with how simple it is. You are a crab, whose sole objective in life is to fight other crabs. Alright, maybe it does leave a few questions, but the idea behind it is still as simple as can be. The controls are almost just as easy to understand, you pick a direction to move, as swing like your life depends on it. Punch other crabs, grab whatever weapons you can find, and swing, swing, swing.

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O’ Brother, where art thou?

From a gameplay standpoint, Fight Crab should have been incredibly boring. You don’t even actually move your crab. You have very little control over anything in all honesty. You can double tap a direction and your crab will just walk blindly in the direction while locked onto your enemy. If you’re playing on a controller, like the game highly suggests, the two joysticks are used to control your claws, allowing you to block and attack from different angles. Your main (and only) goal in Fight Crab is to flip over the other crab in front of you. The game doesn’t feature a typical fighting game life bar, instead opting for a damage percentage counter like the one featured in the Super Smash Bros games. You know the drill: the more damage, the easier it is for you (or the the foe) to get flipped over.

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Shoot that crab!

One big thing Fight Crab has going for it, is its surprising variety, boasting 20+ crabs (and non-crab sea-life), as well as 40+ equipable weapons that you can purchase from the shop with all the crab money earned from fighting. The game also features a large variety of levels, like a city center or a Chinese restaurant. Another place you’re welcome to spend your money is on leveling each of your crabs. You can improve a handful of stats, such as their strength, or how much hits they can take before becoming a tasty appetizer. Each crab has its individual stats and progression system, meaning that you need to think twice before deciding to spend money on a specific crustacean.

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Only the strongest survive

Each level has a variety of rounds, but more importantly, a variety of difficulties and the ability to be tackled in co-op. That’s right, two human-controlled crabs working together. As well as up to four player splitscreen for all of you out there with friends. Each level can be taken on in either normal or hard mode, but once cleared, you can tackle it one more time, in hyper mode. You’ll face each round in rapid succession without your fancy heals or weapon repairs. This requires much more control and understanding of how to flip your enemy quick and stop yourself from getting flipped.



While the game offers a lot of variety, it is very clearly a small-budget indie. It is not very easy on the eyes, and maintains a simplistic, minimalistic style, especially in the menus. The menus only show your crab, rotating in front of a screenshot of whatever the last level you selected may have been. The music and sound effects are quite minimal as well, but in some ways, add to the charm of this simple minded game.

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It’s about flippin’ time!

At the end of the day, it’s a very simple game that you can generally tell if you’re going to enjoy just by looking at it. There is no real hidden shine to it, what you see is what you get. It’s not bad by any means, but the novelty of fighting crabs wore off fairly quickly, resulting in turning into a slightly janky, slightly frustrating brawler with no real sense of direction. Fight Crab will likely be a fun party game, but only time (and booze) will tell how much fun it will actually be.


Graphics: 6.0

Fight Crab has a very simple and flat art style, but at least things are (generally) distinguishable from one another

Gameplay: 6.5

A very fun concept that is easy to pick up and play. The AI is terrible though, making most the fights easy, but could be fun at parties and with friends.

Sound: 4.0

It’s hard to expect a lot from a small game like this, but you tend to expect more than just the bare minimum. Even a little bit of zazz in the music to keep the fights fun.

Fun Factor: 5.0

You’re a crab, fighting crabs. It’s a fun novelty, but it wears off quickly.

Final Verdict: 5.5

Fight Crab is available now on PC.

Reviewed on PC.

A copy of Fight Crab was provided by the publisher.