Lost Ones is Finally Coming to Kickstarter

Lost Ones Kickstarter

There’s nothing about a game that grabs my attention more than great artwork and that’s exactly what drew me to Lost OnesLost Ones is the newest game from Greenbrier Games and Gordon Alford and acts as a standalone game in the same world as Of Dreams & Shadows that released in 2016.

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We had the opportunity to talk with Alford last year while Lost Ones was in early development to get a picture of how it compares to its predecessor. While it’s not a sequel, Lost Ones has a lot of direct ties to Of Dreams & Shadows that together create a more complete picture of the larger world. 

After a lot of less-than patient waiting, Greenbrier Games is launching their Kickstarter campaign for Lost Ones next Tuesday, October 13th. Stay tuned as we’ll be updating this article after launch with more details on pledge tiers, stretch goals, and timelines as the information becomes available to us.