Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin Nu-Metal AMVs Are Flooding the Internet

I think it’s safe to say that everybody was stunned at the Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin reveal, for better or for worse. While the game itself isn’t bad at all, at least from what we could tell from its demo, I don’t think a single person actively and unironically enjoyed its ultra-edgy, “I go to the mall to hang out with my friends near Hot Topic” atmosphere. It felt like a game tailor made for 2002-2003 a time when nu-metal ruled the airwaves.

Thankfully, the internet can occasionally be a good place, and a handful of YouTubers have started creating their own nu-metal AMV mashups. I loved each and every single one of them, and felt like I had to share these masterpieces with the public. Without further ado, get your JNCO jeans ready, because we’re about to dive into the rabbit hole that is the world of nu-metal AMVs. You’re welcome.


Linkin Park – Crawling


Trapt – Headstrong


Drowning Pool – Bodies


Three Days Grace – Animal I Have Become


Skillet – Monster


We will continue to update this page with brand new edgy AMVs as soon as we discover them! We cannot wait for the more than inevitable “Last Resort” and “It’s Been Awhile” mashups. If you have a favorite Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin we haven’t posted, let us know! And keep on rollin’ baby!