DLC Review – Final Fantasy XIV – Newfound Adventure (Update 6.1)

Ever since I’ve started playing Final Fantasy XIV, I’ve been hooked. Over the course of two years I went through all the expansions and everything that came with them. Not only did it quickly become one of my go-to games, but also potentially my personal favourite Final Fantasy title. When Endwalker first released, I was there for its launch. It felt like an event on the scale of Avengers: Endgame. The end of an epic storyline spanning ten years. It was an emotional ride and one that I was glad I got to witness. 

Now less than six months later we are in the first major update for post-Endwalker, called Newfound Adventure. It features all the stuff we know and love from the main game, just with even more stories to tell. The one question that’s been on everyone’s mind: where the hell do we go after Endwalker


Newfound Adventure In the Balance

“In the Balance” is an absolute banger of a theme.

The Warrior of Light and the scions have been successful in stopping the End of Days and the Endsinger from destroying not only Etheirys, but the entire universe. This brought an end to the Hydaleyn and Zodiark saga. Now with no world ending threats the Scions have split up to follow their own ambitions. Tataru who has served a critical role approaches the Warrior of Light with a new adventure to go on. No world ending threats just a mystery to uncover. 

After the emotional roller coaster that was Endwalker, Newfound Adventure takes us a different direction that is very much needed. A nice simple adventure. We got a very lighthearted mini storyline. It’s also surprisingly funny with Y’Sthola being surprisingly one of the best characters in this update. However it is not also fully separated. Newfound Adventure takes the opportunity to start building up and teasing our next major villain.

The new storylines takes roughly four to five hours to complete and will take you across various locations around Eorzea. Much of the quest is very story heavy as it explores just what people have been up to since Endwalker concluded. Included in this particular questline is a single dungeon. Whilst not being the best dungeon with some rather simple boss mechanics, it’s also a lot of fun. 

Newfound Adventure 6.1

6.1 provides a nice change of pace.

One of the biggest new additions is of course the new 24-Man Alliance Raid… or the first part of it anyway. This time we go into some lore that we haven’t really delved into much before. Agalia is the first part of the Myths of the Realm raid series that plans on exploring and revealing the identities of the Twelve, mysterious divinities in Final Fantasy XIV. It’s an incredibly fun raid throughout, with some of the most creative boss fights thus far. There’s also a fake out mechanic that hilariously wiped my FC the first time I jumped in blind. Not only that it, but it has one of my favourite boss themes so far, “In the Balance”, which is a major accomplishment considering just how good the music has gotten (of course discounting the Nier Raid). I’m really excited to see what is next for this Alliance Raid series, as it’s off to an extremely promising start. 

However, that’s not all. For fans of difficult endgame activities, there’s the final boss of Endwalker‘s campaign. The manifestation of despair, known as the Endsinger, has gotten a new ultra-difficult Extreme version of the boss fight, with new mechanics requiring everyone to know what they are doing. Trusts have made their way back to A Realm Reborn content, with some of the late game dungeons being much more newcomer friendly. The massive Praetorium and Caestrum dungeons have been split into multiple, more digestible parts. Then we also have an extreme version of Dragonsong, a trial that released way back in Heavensward. More content is rolling out as well, for the 6.1 patch all the way through to 6.2 patch expected in four to five months. 

Whilst all this makes the bulk of the 6.1 update, there’s still tons more. Crystaline Conflict got a massive overhaul, and although I’m personally not a fan of the PvP in this game, it’s a change that has gained a lot more interest, taking the PvP into a much faster paced direction. Some smaller features include new role quests, personalised Adventurer Plates, and balance changes that heavily affect some skills for Dark Knight, Ninja, and other classes to make them more viable. 6.1 has been a pretty heavy patch. 

Nier Automata Pod

One of the Nier Automata Pods is finally a mount!

Final Fantasy XIV‘s 6.1 update is exactly what this game needed after its epic Endwalker expansion that ended a ten year storyline. A small, lighthearted adventure that sets the stones for the future of the game, plus a new raid that will no doubt be a fan favourite. It also packs in a ton of additions, resulting in an incredibly heavy update that most other games wouldn’t be able to pull off. 

Final Verdict: 9.0

Final Fantasy XIV – Newfound Adventure is available now on PC, PS4, and PS5.