BIT.TRIP RERUNNER might actually be the first remake of an indie game I have ever seen. This is a remake of an auto runner originally released in 2009 for… WiiWare. Feeling a bit old? I sure as hell am, just by realizing that said game was released a whopping fourteen years ago to begin with. The Bit.Trip series has since received a ton of sequels, but BIT.TRIP RERUNNER tries to bring things back to its roots with the addition of improved visuals and the Holy Grail of ensuring a game will feature endless replayability: a level creator.


Turbo-dated 2D pixels clash beautifully with these detailed, polygonal environments.

Let’s start off with the gameplay. It is hard to complain about the sheer simplicity in BIT.TRIP RERUNNER‘s controls, as it was released way before the influx of auto runners flooding both the console and mobile markets. In fact, the original game was released back when mobile gaming was actually synonymous with Capcom and Rockstar trying to port AAA games like Devil May Cry 4 and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas to phones. It was one of the first auto runners, and that’s fine. It’s very easy to learn its mechanics (this is all about avoiding obstacles by jumping, kicking, or crouching), but hard to master.

This game isn’t trying to reinvent the wheel. It is a pretty straightforward auto runner, which is a good thing. Loads of levels, an incentive for replayability with its multiple difficulty settings and unlockables, and some good music to tie everything together. The main difference, this time around, is the brand new visual overhaul. Powered by Unreal 5, the game doesn’t exactly look next-gen, but its levels are very detailed, with the occasional trippy imagery, as well as a great juxtaposition of 2D, retro-as-hell characters on a 3D, detailed environment. As to be expected, there are no framerate issues to speak of. The game is cute, detailed, and runs pretty well.

BIT.TRIP RERUNNER custom levels

If you’re looking for some variety, check out the community-created levels. There’s some pretty good stuff.

There is a lot of content in the base game, but the real kicker is the inclusion of a pretty robust level editor. It gives you a surprising amount of tools for you to come up with your custom levels, way too much for a pleb like myself, but the real deal isn’t just being able to create said levels for yourself. No, it’s the fact you can upload them to the BIT.TRIP RERUNNER servers and let others play them, or download levels made by others. As many other games with community-driven level creators, the replayability skyrockets. As of the writing of this review, there is a sizeable community already creating levels for the game, so there’s already a lot to experience right from the moment you purchase BIT.TRIP RERUNNER.


Well, look at you, Atari-era Daniel-san.

BIT.TRIP RERUNNER is a very straightforward remake, but one that does exactly what it needed to do. It didn’t change a thing in its gameplay, for there was no need to fix what wasn’t broken. It offers vastly superior visuals, with a brand new “retro meets modern” coat of paint, and an excellent level creator to exponentially increase its lasting appeal and overall value. If you have access to a Steam Deck, or if they ever decide to release this on the Nintendo Switch (or maybe its successor, given how this is made in an engine probably not support by that mega dated system), I’d say those are the ideal platforms for it. Regardless, it’s still a pretty fun arcadey time, best enjoyed in smaller bursts.


Graphics: 8.0

The quintessential trippy take on retro gaming: a Jurassic pixel-like playable character, and some creative, Unreal 5-powered backgrounds. I don’t think it’s something that could have only been achieved with the new engine, but it’s still very nice to look at.

Gameplay: 7.5

Really easy to learn, hard to master. Controls are very responsive. The gameplay isn’t particularly deep, though, as to be expected from a retro-styled auto runner.

Sound: 7.5

Being a musically-driven auto runner, one can assume that the soundtrack has to be top notch. It is not the greatest thing in the world, but it’s certainly the game’s highlight.

Fun Factor: 8.0

Perfect in short bursts, an arcade-like experience. If the normal levels feel to quaint or boring to you, you can also browse through the community-created level list, or make a level yourself.

Final Verdict: 8.0

BIT.TRIP RERUNNER is available now on PC.

Reviewed on Intel i7-12700H, 16GB RAM, RTX 3060 6GB

A copy of BIT.TRIP RERUNNER was provided by the publisher.