What We Want in Bloodborne 2

Bloodborne may have been the spiritual successor to the Dark Souls series, but its transforming weapons, aggressive combat mechanics, and Victorian environments set it apart from its predecessors, even where the formula remains the same. Personally, I was satisfied to let Bloodborne stand alone without a sequel. But the Old Hunters DLC expansion opened so many new doors that I’m itching for more.

From Software may have been missing from E3 this year, but I’m holding out hope to see a Bloodborne 2 reveal during the Tokyo Game Show later this year. There’s so much more that From Soft could deliver on.

More Weapons

Bloodborne introduced the two-form Hunter’s Workshop trick weapons that gave players the ability to quickly shift between combat styles, adapting to the fighting conditions on the fly. From detonating hammers to a silver cane turned whip-chain, Bloodborne brought some interesting weapon ingenuity. The trade-off was a smaller range of arms than what could be found in the Dark Souls series.

bloodborne_fanart___lanternflail_weapon_idea_by_daemonstar-d8pjvx3 - Copy

Inspired by From’s design, fans have been designing many of their own trick weapons that would fit beautifully into Yharnam. Uncovering new tools of the trades and putting them to the test is half of the fun so let’s hope that a sequel will bring plenty more gadgets.

More Great Ones

The Great Ones eluded us for much of Bloodborne but we ultimately ended up meeting Rom, Amygdala, Celestial Emissary, Ebrietas, Kos, and Moon Presence. Each one having an overwhelming impact on Yharnam and the world around it.


But it’s mentioned in the game that The Great Ones ascended long ago, leaving Ebreitas behind. So it begs the question, why did they depart and how many Great Ones are there? Why do they exist? Do they collaborate like the gods of Olympus, or are they self serving entities with their own agendas? What killed Kos before it washed up on shore and was it the parasites it carried that altered the villagers? There’s still so much more insight to be gained here.

The Deep Sea

Dark Souls 3 boss, Aldrich, Saint of the Deep, provides players with some interesting information that could tie to Bloodborne. Aldrich had visions of an age after man, an age of the “deep sea”. The Deep area in Dark Souls 3 is one of the only areas surrounded by a large body of water. Additionally, it’s filled with enemies with a sickly palor, not unlike the coloration of Bloodborne’s Great Ones. Could it be that Aldrich saw visions of an age long in the future where gods spawned from the sea, as Kos and Ebreitas appear to have done themselves? Could it be that Aldrich actually saw the Fishing Hamlet of Bloodborne and all that would befall it?

While this is just a theory and I would consider it an easter egg more than a storyline, it’s an interesting connection. It would be fascinating to see From Software throw in a few more tidbits that could connect the Souls and Blood series together, even if only for speculation.

The Unknown

Byrgenwerth academy was where it all began. Blood ministration, the search for the Great Ones, and the aspiration to ascend is what ultimately brought the beast plague upon the citizens of Yharnam. Their search required experiments that turned students of Byrgenwerth into monsters with insect like heads and bioluminescent globs. The atrocities that resulted from their experiments forced the academy to shut down and the woods outside of the school were placed off limits.

Mi-go Frontal Crop 1

But more mysteries remain. At the side of the of the main structure lies a cellar door that die-hard fans did the best to open, coming up empty handed. If wandering monstrosities were permitted to wander the grounds, what other dark secrets is Master Willem trying to hide below the academy?

A Direct Continuation


The hardest ending to access requires the collection of three thirds of an Umbilical Cord, consuming the three, and defeating the Moon Presence. Once you slay the final boss, you are reborn as a young Great One.


What type of monster would a hunter become as a Great One and what fate would it bring to the world?

There are many mysteries that remain in the world of Bloodborne and while nothing has been confirmed, here’s hoping that From Software will be providing answers and new mysteries soon. Until then, try not to go into a frenzy while you wait.


Think I missed something?

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