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The Wiseau Awards – Mount Your Friends (PC)

Rock out with your.... well, you get the idea.

In 2014, I accidentally stumbled across one of the strangest games that I’ve ever had the pleasure of playing, Mount Your Friends. It was available of $0.99 in the indie section of the Xbox 360 store, so I bought it for a dollar and got exactly what I paid for. And before you ask, Mount Your Friends is exactly what you think it is.


Mount Your Friends is a QWOP style physics game where you attempt to stack as many speedo wearing body builders as you can upon the back of a goat. “Speedos you said?”, you’ll ask me, and I’ll reply, “Speedos and wangs galore.” You see, much of the game’s humor revolves around the absurdity of your goal, and the physics of flopping penes.


Hilarity ensues as you stack characters upon each other, flailing around as you battle against the intentionally difficult control scheme. Each button controls a limb and forces you to use the momentum of a swing to move your character up your pile of humans. All this is to say that Mount Your Friends is one of the most unorthodox games I’ve played, but it’s perfect after a few beers with friends.

Mount Your Friends is available on Steam for PC for $4.99. Next time your drinking buddies stop by, give it a go.



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