What Should Telltale Do Next?

Love them or hate them, you cannot deny Telltale Games is single-handledly keeping the point & click genre alive in this day and age – even though most of their games aren’t exactly point & clickish nowadays. But that’s another subject for another day. Telltale is also one of the very few somewhat relevant developers/publishers nowadays to use licensed franchises as the basis for their episodic games. After a bit of thinking, I have come up with a list of a few franchises which would fit perfectly within the Telltale gaming philosophy. Bear in mind that some of those ideas would probably never happen, but dreaming is free, am I right?

Rick & Morty

Oh Rick & Morty. . . Just think of all the possibilities an episodic game based off the series would be able to do. Bringing the original crew onboard would be mandatory (and most likely not that difficult monetarily) for both voice acting and screenwriting. Given the completely nonsensical nature of the Rick & Morty franchise, the game could be based around anything imaginable. That’s the beauty of that show, being completely crazy, over the top, nonsensical and hilarious. Oh, and add the Mulan Szechuan sauce somewhere in the game as well, that’s a must.


Admit it, you want an Archer game, and even though you might not be the biggest Telltale fan out there, you gotta admit the show would fit perfectly within the Telltale formula. Archer isn’t about the action, Archer is about the hilarious dialogues, the jokes, the interactions between characters and, every once in a while, an action-packed set piece which could be easily fit into a typical Telltale QTE section. The show already boasts cartoon-style animations so people wouldn’t even notice the terrible Telltale graphical engine as well.

The Vega Brothers

Most likely the most impossible entry on this list, but hear me out: wouldn’t you like to see the origin story of the Vega brothers, as in Pulp Fiction‘s Vincent Vega and Reservoir Dogs‘ Vic Vega? Imagine a game with Tarantino’s signature dialogue, with lots of interactions between characters, which could then influence future segments in the following episodes. You could easily adapt the occasional uber-violent Tarantino-esque gunfights into simple QTE scenes like a typical Telltale game. It surely sounds impossible for this idea to happen, and it most likely is, but it would nevertheless be a great gift for fans of Tarantino’s work.

Star Trek: The Next Generation

Just like Guardians of the Galaxy, the Star Trek franchise is all about the characters and their interactions first and foremost, with the setting coming second. Just like most of the entries in this list, it’s a TV series, which would fit perfectly within the episodic nature of Telltale games, as well as not being very action-heavy. You might be wondering why did I choose The Next Generation over the original series, and the answer is simple: if by any miraculous chance Telltale ever decides to make a Star Trek game, it’d be much easier to hire the NG cast than the original one, given their advanced age and the fact some of them are, well, dead (R.I.P. Nimoy!). And I doubt Will Wheaton would ask for a huge paycheck anyway…


Scooby-Doo would fit perfectly as a Telltale game given it’s already a show about finding clues in order to proceed, just like a good old point & click should be. The episodic nature of the series would also be really helpful in order to adapt the franchise onto the Telltale formula, as well as the fact that the TV show’s current voice acting cast wouldn’t exactly be the most expensive bunch of people to hire. You could always hire Troy Baker to voice Scooby, though.


Yes, I am aware that there are quite a few Sherlock Holmes games out there, but all of them are about the 19th century one. Hasn’t anyone thought about doing a game based off the current one? What better way to do it than in an episodic point & click manner! Of course, having series creator Mark Gatiss and the Cumberbatch-Freeman duo would be essential in order for the game to have a remote chance of being decent, but you cannot deny it would be a great idea for a Telltale game. The fact a regular Sherlock episode already lasts more or less what a Telltale episode lasts would make adaptations even easier.

Batman (the Adam West one)

Think about it for a second. Yes, this would be a perfect fit for a Telltale game, a much better fit than whatever the heck last year’s Batman game was. The 1960’s Batman was all about the cheesy jokes and funny dialogue, coupled with deliciously campy set pieces and the classic POW! SOCK! BAM! “fight scenes”. Just imagine adapting those fight scenes into QTE set pieces: press it correctly and you’ll POW an enemy, press it wrong and the enemy will BAM you. It’s just too sad that Adam West has recently passed away and we’d never be able to have him on a project like this. Rest in peace my friend, you’ll surely be missed.

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