7 Characters We Want to See in Dragon Ball FighterZ

One of the most exciting titles shown during E3 was Dragon Ball FighterZ. Fans of the source material, fighting games and those with no prior interest for either have found themselves with high expectations that it will deliver a fresh take on the 3v3 formula.

It was recently revealed that Future Trunks, from the Android Saga, is the newest confirmed playable character. We know that Dragon Ball FighterZ will feature only single form characters and will not be restricted by generations. This means the roster will be more focused than, say, the Xenoverse games but still a dream lineup of characters from the extensive mythos of Dragon Ball. I think there are plenty of characters we can expect without worry like Android 18 or Piccolo. But these are 7 characters that would excite us even more.

1) Beerus


Introduced in the Battle of Gods movie, Beerus was immediately set of up as one of the most powerful beings in Dragon Ball. This God of Destruction could destroy any planet he wants out of simple boredom. Even long time foe Frieza trembled with fear after seeing Beerus in person. With his insane supply of power, I’d love to see it translated to the hectic and over the top pace of DB FighterZ.

2) Cooler – Final Form


Cooler in his Final Form is still one of my favorite character designs in DBZ. Being the brother of Frieza but surpassing him (at the time) with yet another form was surprising. It also produced one of the better fights in the Dragon Ball Z movies, in my humble opinion. Cooler has always been one of my favorite side villains so I’d love to see him make an appearance in FighterZ.

3) Master Roshi – Full Power


My man Master Roshi doesn’t play games. Despite his age, Master Roshi can still hold his own when it counts. The one who trained Goku, Krillin, and several others could be a true force in Dragon Ball FighterZ as he shows everyone the original master of the Kamehameha wave. He may be old but never underestimate him.

4) Broly – Legendary Super Saiyan


A bit of a controversial character for long time fans given his less than… “deep” character development, Broly has still become a stand out character for the movie series. His destructive power fits the game’s style well since you can destroy so much of the stages. Broly could fit the brute style character who hits very hard and makes you pay for a mistake.

5) Super Baby Vegeta 2


Baby was the one of the main antagonists in Dragon Ball GT and turned into a formidable foe after he took over Vegeta as his host body. GT isn’t the most loved series but several characters did manage to make an impact and I believe DB FighterZ could only benefit from representing GT. Crossing over all the different series really adds to the dream roster feel.

6) Jaco


First introduced in the Golden Frieza Saga, Jaco is a member of the Galatic Patrol. He can certainly fight but he’s not nearly as powerful as other members of the DBZ universe. But this can provide with a unique gameplay opportunity as Jaco can be an equipment fighter who uses other tools to get the upper hand. These types of characters offer a different style for players to learn and shakes up the roster from being too one dimensional.

7) Super Saiyan Caulifla


A brand new character just introduced in Dragon Ball Super, Caulifla is a Saiyan from Universe 6 and a participant in the Tournament of Power for her team. She is the very first female to become a Super Saiyan (and Super Saiyan 2) in the Dragon Ball series and certainly made quite the impact upon her debut. We’ll learn more about her, I’m sure, as the series continues. But for now I think it would be crazy for Dragon Ball FighterZ to not jump on this chance.

And there you have it. Which of your favorite Dragon Ball characters do you hope make the cut? Did they make our list? Who did me miss? Comment them down below.

Dragon Ball FighterZ is slated to release in Early 2018 for Xbox One, PS4 and PC.