Review – I And Me

I knew nothing about I And Me before buying it from the Japanese eShop. I didn’t even know its name, given the fact its Japanese name is something completely different. I had no expectations whatsoever regarding this game but I nevertheless can’t help but feel disappointed after playing it.

I And Me is a very simplistic and by-the-books puzzle game, yet another one for the Switch. You control a pair of ball-shaped cats at the same time and guide them each to a frame so a random someone can take a picture of them. There may or may not be a few obstacles along the way, such as spikes or hedgehogs. And that’s it. No joke, that’s the entirety of the game.

I and Me

What’s up, Sonic?

The game offers little variety. There are 100 levels, and all of them look nearly identical visually speaking. The levels are hand-drawn, with beautiful colors and nice animations, but given the only variation between levels is, usually, the asset placement, you’ll quickly get bored at looking at the same background over and over again. Same applies to the music; while the compositions are indeed cute and well-arranged, they are very scarce so they are constantly repeated throughout the entire game, leading you to the brink of exhaustion. I And Me was one of the very few Switch games I’ve played which made me want to turn off the portable’s volume.

Besides offering little variety, I And Me also offers little challenge, and this is a strong negative for a puzzle game. While controlling two cats at the same time might sound complicated on paper, the puzzles are too simple and can be beaten in less than a minute, for the most part. The more “complicated” puzzles included in the game aren’t actually difficult per se, simply being longer, but still easy, to solve. Given how short and easy the puzzles are, the game offers little to no reason for you to replay the levels. There are also twenty collectible pages scattered throughout the game, but they’re also very easy to acquire, so you’ll most likely not be going to revisit levels in order to pick them up.

I and Me

Pretty, but very shallow.

I And Me has some decent artistic value, and it controls fairly well, given how it’s humanly impossible to screw up the gameplay of a game with two buttons, but in the end it’s just a bland and forgettable little game with little to no replayability. It isn’t the worst puzzle game available for the console, but it surely brings absolutely nothing new to the table, or anything interesting to make it stand out before the various other indie titles available for the Switch.

I and Me

Reviewed on Switch.
Also available on: PC