Review – Astro Bears Party

It took Polish company QubicGames less than two weeks to release its second Nintendo Switch title after the very decent arcade title Robonauts. Their second entry in Nintendo’s new console’s library is called Astro Bears Party, a party-esque arcade title which features adorable astronaut bears for a very cheap price, and a Switch exclusive to top it off. Well, Robonauts was quite good, so QubicGames does have a little bit of a track record when it comes to Switch games. The question you’re probably asking yourself: is Astro Bears Party also a good game? The answer is yes, although not a better game than Robonauts in any way.


You’re dumb but adorable.

Astro Bears Party features two modes, a single player experience and a multiplayer “party mode” of sorts. What the game’s ad should actually say is that the single player mode is Snake and that the multiplayer mode is Tron. With the exception of the presence of adorable bears and, continuing the trend initially set with Robonauts, small planets and gravity-based gameplay, it is Snake and Tron. If you’re looking for groundbreaking originality, then you’re not going to see a lot of it here, besides the fact that your bears can use a jetpack to jump over trails (this game’s equivalent of Snake‘s snake body and Tron‘s light cycle trails). If what you’re looking for a simple, cheap, easy to play little game, then Astro Bears Party is far from a bad choice.

I did mention Snake and Tron a lot, but one thing I’ve never said about those games is that they were bad. Those are simple arcade-like games that are, and have always been, pretty fun to play, and fit perfectly with the Switch’s portable nature. The controls are very responsive and easy to learn, even with the additional jetpack element thrown into the mix. The graphics aren’t exactly impressive but the game at least does a good job of always keeping the framerate at high levels, even during multiplayer sections. My only very serious gripe with the game is regarding its “soundtrack,” which is composed of one song, played over and over and over and over and over


It’s like Tron, but with bears. And no light cycles. And no Daft Punk.

Astro Bears Party is not deep. It’s far from being a very engaging game. Despite those issues, I can’t deny I had (and am still having) a considerable amount of fun with it. Both Tron and Snake are absolute classics, and given that those games are basically what Astro Bears Party offers, it’s easy to pick up, play, and have fun with the title.


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