News – Soul Calibur VI New Character Announcement Trailer

Bandai Namco today released a new character announcement trailer for Soul Calibur VI which introduces The Agent of Black, Gr∅h, who was only teased in the original announcement trailer. Sporting a double-sided sword which he can then separate in a dual wielding stance with his Critical Edge mode, Gr∅h ignites in a pink-fiery aura as he unleashes a string of quick dual wielding strikes, and he also has a pretty wicked special move.

Groh 2

The trailer also confirms and showcases the return of some classic SoulCalibur characters such as:

• Nightmare – Sporting a new set of armor and a new special move where he is riding a literal night mare.

• Xianghua – Remains mostly the same with her classic fluid sword moves with plenty of feints to keep the opponent guessing.

• Kilik – Back again with the poking stick that looks like it will remain just as effective as the past games with its reach and quick strikes.

So far, that only brings us to a total of 6 announced characters. These characters will be joining the previously shown Mitsurgi and Sophitia from the announcement trailer. Check out the new flashy trailer below to get a look at Gr∅h and the changes to the other classic characters.