News – Sea of Thieves Upcoming Scale Test

The team at Rare is once again opening up Sea of Thieves to everyone who was already invited to the closed beta. However, this test is not to hammer out glitches and bugs and get feedback on content. This is strictly a scale test to make sure their servers and changes they have made are working properly.

The invitation reads: “We’ll be running a Scale Test from February 16th at 10 AM GMT to February 18th at 10 AM GMT . The objective is different from our usual tests so there’s no need for you to focus on feature feedback or bugs! Instead, all you need to do is play as much as you can over the weekend to help us test how we scale and ultimately give you the best experience for launch.”

It is unclear if we are allowed to stream or share pictures and video from this test, but we will check on that and update this article. I’m sure there will be plenty of people wanting to share their experiences again considering the success it had on popular streaming sites during the closed beta. Even with a bumpy start the closed beta had more than 330,000 total players, 140,000 viewers and reached #1 in views on Twitch and Mixer.

We were also given another Tavern Talk about the upcoming scale test: “Sea of Thieves Executive Producer, Joe Neate, dropped by the tavern to explain everything you need to know as you prepare to set sail this weekend. We’ll see you out there!”


Sea of Thieves launches March 20th, 2018.