Review – Bridge Constructor Portal

We’re seeing a trend lately of game mash-ups that seem like they wouldn’t work very well, like the recent Mario + Rabbids Kingdom BattleBridge Constructor Portal was another one of those that had me scratching my head until I actually got my hands on it. Not only is it one of the best bridge constructor type games I have ever played, it also happens to be a really fun Portal game.

As I’m sure you can guess, you’re tasked to construct bridges for the Aperture Science Enrichment Center. You’re required to get the drivers and their equipment from point A to point B safely. You’ll utilize various portals, jump pads, speed ramps and companion cubes to get your lemmings safely across various death traps. There isn’t a story or anything, but there is a sense of progression since every 10 levels you get a promotion to handle more difficult sections.

Bridge Constructor Portal Promotion

For the most part using a controller is doable, but of course it lacks precision and quick actions. You’ll need to zoom in and out a lot to try and get around quicker or try and select specific areas, especially when the bridges get bigger and more complicated. There were a handful of times that I selected or deleted the wrong item and if that item is attached to others it will delete that section. Everything is just a little slower with the controller.

Controller aside, the levels are well done and do get challenging. Odds are you’ll blow through the first 20 levels as GLaDOS teaches you the ropes with her classic back handed compliments, sarcasm and dry AI jokes. One of my favorite lines was: “This test includes, sentry turrets. Vehicles seen by the targeting laser are marked for disqualification … followed by rapid disassembly.” There are 60 levels in total, but it doesn’t really start ramping up until mid way through. None of the levels feel impossible, but there are a decent chunk that will have you scrapping your project and restarting.

Bridge Constructor Portal Bouncin'

The graphics are simple, but they’re clean and well done. Nothing fancy or highly detailed, but the color palette is bright and shadows do cast dynamically wherever you construct a road. The big disappointment here is that despite the simple visuals, performance still takes a big hit if there happens to be some mass destruction. I’m no developer, but I’d venture to guess that my PS4 Pro should be able to handle this without a hitch. There is no notable soundtrack, however the various sound effects are well done and the voice acting for GLaDOS is perfect. Yeah I know the voice is just a robotic AI, but the line delivery is spot on.

If you’re a fan of bridge building games or want to hop back into the Portal world with an interesting twist, I would highly recommend checking out Bridge Constructor Portal. However, perhaps check this out on the PC or a device with a touch screen for more precision while building. All in all Bridge Constructor Portal is a well made mash up of games that is fun for some hop-in hop-out puzzle solving.

Graphics: 8.0

Graphics are clean and simple. Color palette is bold and dynamic shadows cast from created bridges.

Gameplay: 7.5

Moving around with a controller can be frustrating at times when creating complex bridges. Frame rate dips pretty low during destruction.

Sound: 8.0

There is no standout soundtrack, but the various sounds and the voice acting of GLaDOS is well done.

Fun Factor: 9.0

One of the more fun bridge constructor games I have played due to the unique puzzle solving and the humor of GLaDOS.

Final Verdict: 8.5

Reviewed on PS4.
Bridge Constructor Portal is available now on PC, PS4, Switch, Xbox One, iOS and 
A copy of Bridge Constructor Portal was provided by the publisher.