Six Guest Characters We’d Like to See in Soul Calibur VI

It is no secret that Bandai Namco loves using guest characters in their flagship fighting games. Tekken 7 has already received Geese from the King of Fighters franchise and will soon host Noctis from Final Fantasy XV. But even before Tekken it was Soul Calibur leading the charge in guest characters dating back to Soul Calibur II. Arguably the best set of guest characters ever were Heihachi, Spawn, and Link appearing on PS2, Xbox and the Gamecube respectively. Ever since then Soul Calibur has featured guest characters from a variety of franchises including Darth Vader and Yoda from Star Wars as well as Ezio from the Assassin Creed series.

Now with Soul Calibur VI, no guest characters have been confirmed as of yet. But a recent tweet from the community lead at CD PROJEKT RED hinted at protagonist Geralt of Rivia appearing in another upcoming game in 2018 that isn’t The Witcher. Soul Calibur VI has become the leading contender in terms of speculation since the tweet went out, given the penchant Bandai has for guest characters. So let’s speculate some more and list some of the guests characters we’d love to see in Soul Calibur VI.

1) Bloodborne Hunter/Lady Maria of the Astral Clocktower

Platform: PS4


Bloodborne has found its way back into the public eye 3 years after its’ initial release when some cut content was discovered in the games Chalice Dungeons, being a featured title on Playstation Plus and seemingly teased by FromSoftware during the Game Awards. When it comes to platform specific characters, I can think of no better character than one from Bloodborne for the PS4 version of Soul Calibur VI. For me it comes down to the basic Bloodborne Hunter having an incredibly iconic and recognizable design from the hat to the coat all the way down to the signature Saw Cleaver weapon. Lady Maria on the other hand can fight with her twin blade Rakuyo and utilize her blood and fire like she does in her boss fight. But with Groh being introduced as a twin blade character, the final nod should go to the Bloodborne Hunter.

2) Spinal from Killer Instinct

Platform: Xbox One, PC


A current rumor has Jago from Killer Instinct joining the cast of Soul Calibur VI but for me, Spinal is the superior choice. He has one of the best character designs in the entire series and his sword and shield gameplay lets him not only fire projectiles but absorb attacks as well. Jago is certainly the cover character for Killer Instinct but Spinal offers a much more interesting fighting style for a weapon based fighter. As far as Microsoft properties go, Killer Instinct is a great source for guests. Also given how all Microsoft games appear on both Xbox One and PC, it stands to reason both versions would receive the same exclusive guest character.

3) 2B from NieR: Automata

Platform: PS4, Xbox One, PC


This is the one I hope becomes reality the most. NieR: Automata is one of my favorite games from the entire generation and 2B is one of my favorite characters. Her ability to switch between a short and long sword on the fly would make her one of the coolest looking characters to ever appear in Soul Calibur. I also have hope she can appear on all platforms despite NieR: Automata only being on PS4 and PC. If Geese can appear in the Xbox One version of Tekken 7 even though King of Fighters hasn’t been on an Xbox platform in a long time then I can hope the same holds true for 2B.

4) Wander from Shadow of the Colossus

Platform: PS4


Not your typical fighter, but Wander from Shadow of the Colossus has reached a brand new audience with the release of the remake to the critically acclaimed game he comes from. Using only his sword, bow and horse, he takes on 16 massive Colossi to save his love. Wander going from his sword to his bow could make him a great addition to the Soul Calibur universe.

5) Kaim Argonar from Lost Odyssey

Platform: Xbox One and PC


Admittedly, I never played Lost Odyssey and that’s something I want to change. However, this long forgotten gem on the Xbox 360 was revived through the backwards compatibility initiative on Xbox One. A newfound interest in Lost Odyssey makes Kaim a a solid choice for Soul Calibur VI.

6) Dante from Devil May Cry

Platform: PS4, Xbox One, PC


With an HD collection on the way for current generation platforms and rumors of a Devil May Cry 5, putting Dante into Soul Calibur VI could make a hallmark year for one of Capcom’s biggest properties. Despite his popularity, Dante has never really been in any fighting games outside of Marvel vs. Capcom. Given how many weapons he uses, he could be one of the most diverse Soul Calibur characters ever.

Is there anyone we missed? Any characters you’d like to see appear in Soul Calibur VI? Let us know below.