Review – Super Seducer

Dear god, where do I start with this repugnant farce? Super Seducer is an instructional dating sim that promises to help guys learn how to successfully seduce women. Not only is this a questionable idea to present in the first place, but with the current sexual misconduct developments in Hollywood and the #metoo movement becoming more recognized, you really have to wonder at the idiocy of RLR Training Inc. publishing this game in today’s environment. Not that it was ever a good idea to begin with. Bold move Mr. La Ruina. Let’s see how it plays out.

Super Seducer consists of a collection of scenarios in which you meet and can potentially woo a woman you find attractive. At certain points during the enactments, the game will give you multiple choice options on how to proceed. Some of the choices are obviously incorrect like immediately pointing to your junk with some sort of lewd comment. Others seem like the correct answer, but with Richard La Ruina’s perverse logic you’ll often guess wrong. His answers were many times quite shocking.

Super Seducer Richard La Ruina

I’ve seen mannequins who have looked more interested than these two girls.

After you make your choice the scene continues and you’ll see how you fare. At this point it will cut to him in a hotel room with two scantily clad ladies who look like prostitutes you’d pick up on the Vegas strip. If you pick the wrong answer, he’ll be alone on the bed. Sometimes he has the decency to look ashamed at your choice, but not always. If you choose an answer that won’t “get you blown out” but still isn’t the optimal way to go, he’ll coach you on the “best” way to proceed with the two women dressed in skin tight dresses. If you pick the correct option, he’ll be on the bed with the two girls only wearing bras and panties who look utterly bored and are just waiting for him to give them their money.

The advice he gives in Super Seducer is shady at best. Every once in a great while he’ll make a somewhat fair recommendation, but some of his suggestions are downright rapey. For example, in the very first scenario of the game you see a pretty girl walking down the road. How do you proceed? Wolf whistle? Approach her head on? Tell her she’s hot and you want to have sex right then? Approach her from the front and a little from the side? I chose that latter option thinking it was the least aggressive and creepy only to be told it was wrong. Apparently the correct choice is to approach head on so you block her and force her to stop and talk to you. It only got worse from there.

Super Seducer Sex

There’s no chance any guy would get this far listening to this douchebag.

All throughout, Super Seducer givess offensive observations about women and appalling advice. In this game Richard La Ruina teaches lessons like all women want a man who is superior and smarter than them. He advises to get them talking about what they do to stay in shape so you can use that as an excuse to “touch them up.” If you’re acting as the wingman for a buddy, try to get the girls to turn away from each other so they can’t read one another’s visual clues for wanting to leave. On a first date, always make sure you take her somewhere where there’s alcohol because trying to make a move when she’s sober is horrible. If she compliments you, don’t compliment her back because you want to make her feel like she has to work hard to please you. I swear I’m not making any of this up or twisting it in any way. It really is that vile and delusional.

There’s not much to say about the graphics in Super Seducer since it’s all live action videos. The acting is cringe-worthy. It reminds me of corporate new-hire anti-harassment videos, which is ironic since harassment is exactly what the game teaches. Everything is over-the-top and the women either look bored even when they’re not suppose to, or they’re trying hard not to laugh at how ridiculous it is.


Maybe if I get her drunk she won’t notice what a tool I am.

The sound is awful. The main theme is your standard porno background music. They must have picked out their microphones from the bargain bin because at times you can barely hear what they’re saying. Maybe that’s a good thing though.

Super Seducer is an abhorrent game with objectionable lessons. Unless you want a sure-fire way to get kicked in the balls, please steer clear of this atrocity. If you really want good advice on how to talk to women, I’ll give it to you for free. Keep up on good hygiene, dress well or at least cleanly, be passionate about what you do, don’t lie, believe in yourself, and most importantly be respectful! There, now I’ve just saved you $12.99 and a few sexist-filled hours of your life you’d never get back.

Graphics: 4.0

Mediocre film quality and production values.

Gameplay: 1.0

A long series of multiple choice answers for dating scenarios. Riveting.

Sound: 3.0

Laughable baby making background music and terrible voice recordings.

Fun Factor: 1.0

A litany of detestable advice that will get you slapped, kicked in the groin, or get you in trouble with the police.

Final Verdict: 2.0

Super Seducer is available now on PC.