A Huge Character Wishlist For The Upcoming Smash Bros

The waiting period for a new Super Smash Bros game is as interesting as playing the game itself, since Nintendo likes to tease us with the constant release of small trailers showcasing the new fighters being added to those games.

Given the fact we’re going to get a new Smash game this year, be it either the fifth game in the series or an improved version of the Wii U iteration (I’m leaning towards the former), we’re obviously going to see a wide array of new characters being introduced for the first time in the series, and I’ve come up with a list of some potentially interesting fighters.

Only two rules are being applied here: no returning characters (therefore no Solid Snake, Ice Climbers or Pikachu, if anyone ever cared about that one), and no guests coming from anime, movies or comics, therefore no Goku.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at some potentially cool fighters, shall we?

Rabbid Peach


One of the newest divas in the gaming world, Rabbid Peach was easily the most impactful character from Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, arguably the best idiot premise for a game ever created.

Not only would Rabbid Peach be able to use a wide variety of weapons from her Rabbid Mario and Rabbid Luigi’s arsenals, but her taunt could be a selfie. Taking a selfie after defeating your opponent, the ultimate burn.

Decidueye (Pokémon Sun & Moon)


A new Pokémon will obviously be added to the roster, and after taking a quick look at Sun & Moon‘s list of new monsters, there was no doubt Decidueye would be the best pick. A spirit of a Robin Hood owl that can use arrows, Leaf Blades, ghastly illusions and a flight-based recovery akin to Kirby’s would be a better addition than, say, Midnight Form Lycanroc or, ugh, Bewear…

Crash Bandicoot


I know Crash is more associated with Sony than anything else, but that didn’t stop Final Fantasy‘s Cloud Strife from showing up in Smash without ever making an appearance on a Nintendo console. Crash has already been part of countless Gamecube, Game Boy Advance and DS games over the years, so he has a lot more history with Nintendo than everybody’s favorite spiky-haired edge-lord from Midgar.

Can you imagine a fight between Mario, Sonic and Crash? The ultimate 90’s gamer fantasy coming true!

Takamaru (The Mysterious Murasame Castle)


Samurais are awesome. Every fighting game should have a samurai, if possible. Luckily for Nintendo, they actually have a samurai (who can also use ninja and magic attacks) they could use in their roster.

Takamaru is the protagonist of an obscure Famicom title called The Mysterious Murasame Castle. In that game, not only could he use his sword to fight an army of enemies, but also shuriken, kunai, fire magic and much more. Add in the possibilities of fighting atop a Shinto temple and the chances of making Western gamers more acquainted with the character (the same way Melee helped make Fire Emblem famous in the West), and you have a perfect pick for a brand new fighter.

Shovel Knight


We live in an era where some indie games are as relevant as many mainstream titles, and Shovel Knight is easily one of the most important and successful independent titles. Putting Shovel Knight on the next Smash roster would be Nintendo’s way of acknowledging the importance of indie gaming in its consoles. He would also make for an awesome fighter who could use various magical attacks (fireballs, a horn for an area of effect attack, etc.) and call up the Order of No Quarter for an awesome Final Smash.

Besides, just imagine playing on a Shovel Knight-themed arena with a remixed version of “Strike the Earth” being played on the background. Hype.

Young Link (Majora’s Mask)


Before you accuse me of not following my own rules, let me clarify this would not be the same clone character from Melee. Young Link, more specifically the Majora’s Mask iteration, would work like the Pokémon Trainer from Brawl. His normal form wouldn’t be the fighter proper, his Deku, Goron and Zora forms would be. Each one with a varied move-set and a different fighting approach (Goron being brute and slow, Zora being nimble, Deku being weaker but with better recovery).

The Final Smash attack? Why, the moon, of course!



Super Smash Bros should definitely have a character to represent European games in general, and there’s no better choice than Rayman, who has previously appeared on Smash as a trophy.

With moves such as a long-distance punch, ground pound, using his hair as a helicopter and calling up his mates for an epic rock n’ roll jam session as his Final Smash, Rayman would be a completely bonkers addition to Smash‘s already insane roster.

Isaac (Golden Sun)


You may be thinking that Isaac would be yet another sword-wielding JRPG character like Shulk or the ten trillion Fire Emblem fighters, but he could easily be designed as a magic-focused fighter instead. Given his wide array of magic attacks in the Golden Sun games, such as Venus, Ramses, Charon and so on, Isaac could easily stand out.

ARMS Fighters


The fact that at least one ARMS fighter will be part of the roster is already a given, but the question remains: which fighter will be the chosen one? Spring Man? Ninjara? DNA Man? Why not all of them? Just do to the ARMS Fighters what Nintendo did to the Koopalings in the previous Smash game: make each fighter a different skin for the character.

Creating a fighting style would be easy, given the fact those characters look like they were created solely in order for Nintendo to have some new additions to its next Smash roster. They’d be for Smash what Dhalsim is for Street Fighter: a light, slow-moving character with wonky jump mechanics and excellent long-range abilities.



Bomberman was pretty much considered a dead character until Konami, of all people, suddenly decided to revive the IP with an exclusive (at the time) title for the Switch, Super Bomberman R. Given the fact I really doubt Solid Snake will make a comeback due to Konami’s current treatment over the Metal Gear franchise, Bomberman would be a safer bet.

If you think there’s not a lot of creativity when it comes to Bomberman‘s potential moveset, I have a simple answer: if Nintendo managed to give that stupidly one-dimensional Duck Hunt dog a cool moveset, they could easily make an equally interesting one for Bomberman.

Paper Mario


I have no idea why a character like Dr. Mario is already a part of Smash‘s roster but Paper Mario, a character who could actually have an original moveset and fighting style, isn’t.

Paper Mario could use badges as his main attacks, as well as becoming a paper plane as a recovery move of sorts. His Final Smash attack could either be the Star Beam or Skolar’s Star Storm, both from the original Paper Mario game. Rogueport, the main setting of The Thousand-Year Door, could be his stage.

Dovahkiin (Skyrim)


I don’t think any other Western publisher has put more faith into the Switch than Bethesda has. Given the fact the American company has already released Skyrim and Doom for Nintendo’s new console, as well as releasing a version of Wolfenstein II sometime this year.

Although the idea of putting Doomguy and a level based on Hell in a Smash game sounds amazing in theory, I thought Skyrim‘s Dragonborn would be a more suitable candidate. Imagine playing as him, Fus-Ro-Dah-ing Mario to the sound of Skyrim‘s main theme. Nothing short of epic.

Rex (Xenoblade Chronicles 2)


Xenoblade Chronicles 2 had some large shoes to fill after the success of the first game and fantastic spin-off Xenoblade Chronicles X. It was also releasing within the launch year of the Nintendo Switch as the first true RPG game available for the console. With Rex being the Driver for an Aegis (A sacred blade) named Pyra whom also has another, more powerful, personality named Mythra, Rex would be a formidable foe who could have a wealth of attack options. With Pyra providing a fire blade and Mythra who provides the power of light, being able to mix these two up in combo’s would be great.

Rex is a salvager who uses a grappling hook to lower himself down into the cloud sea or pull enemies close to him. He could use that grappling hook as a recovery move to grab a ledge, use it to pull enemies in or during a grapple move. Using Pyra or Mythra for various charge moves and since Xenoblade Chronicles 2 has a heavy focus on specials there is a wealth of them to pick from for a Final Smash move.



Waluigi is to Nintendo what “Sanic” is to Sega at this point, a character who lives as a meme. Be it as a joke character (the Smash version of Dan Hibiki) or as someone who uses sports equipment as his means of attack (given how he basically only shows up in sports titles), people want Waluigi, plain and simple. The time has come for this underappreciated underdog to shine, Mr. Sakurai.

Ricky Winterborn (1080 Series)


I put this character idea at the bottom since it’s basically a far fetched dream of mine, something that will probably never happen but would actually result in an interesting character. Ricky Winterborn (and other characters like Rob Haywood and Akari Hayami as alternate skins) would be able to use his snowboard as one heck of a heavy blunt weapon. He could use a helicopter as a recovery move and call up 1080‘s signature avalanche as a Final Smash. You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m (hopefully!) not the only one, Ricky for Smash!

Got any ideas for potential Smash characters not called Goku? Leave your thoughts below!