Bloodborne II Leaks

Back in December, FromSoftware released a frustratingly short and vague teaser trailer for a project titled “Shadow’s Die Twice”.

Both exciting and unnerving, the brief teaser lit speculative fires all across the internet as gamers launched into debates over whether or not FromSoftware was teasing a new Tenchu or Bloodborne game, perhaps even a brand new IP. Thankfully, Reddit user DryDoctorMartin was able to get their hands on a title screen image to clear up the debate and answer a few questions for us.


Our glorious savior, DryDoctorMartin posted a number of concept art images of possible trick weapons to go along with this fantastic reveal.

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These designs, closely resembling Bloodborne‘s original trick weapons, have little Eastern influence. There are many supported theories that suggest the second game will take place in a region that better resembles Feudal Japan than Victorian England. However, these designs suggest that we’ll see a more familiar setting, despite the environment alluded to in the early teaser. Perhaps our new hunter will be traveling East from what’s left of Yharnam, reminiscent of Europe’s fascination with the orient in the 17th and 18th centuries.

Or even more interesting, could our Eastwardly travels and shadows be further alluding to a Soulsborne shared universe? Perhaps Bloodborne takes place in an age after the dark soul curse cycle was broken, or maybe Yharnam is the painted world hinted at the end of The Ringed City and the beast curse is Bloodborne‘s rot.

The Souls series has a number of references to Eastern lands that tie to mentions of shadows. In Dark Souls II we follow the tale of two knights from the Eastern land of Mirrah where the Order of Shadow Knights originate from. Similarly The Old Hunters DLC introduced Yamamura the Wanderer who also hails from the East in the same expansion that features a final boss whom turns into a shadowy cloud figure and vanishes. It’s quite possible that a Great One so powerful would have survived and fled to a new land, far from the hunters that pursued it.

With the confirmation of Bloodborne II all that’s left to do is sit and wait for FromSoftware to offer up some more details. In the meantime, feel free to join me in some Whirligig Saw cut pizza and commune with the Great Ones while we wait for more news.


*Concept art images created by Cal Santiago.