E3 2018 – Gears of War Blow-Out (Pop, Tactics, 5)

Near the end of Microsoft’s E3 presentation, The Coalition announced the upcoming release of not one, but two Gears of War spinoff games. The first being a cute installment to the franchise with Gears Pop, combining the familiarity of your favorite Gears of War characters with the adorable look of Funko figurines. All we know of this title for the moment is it’s a mobile game that will release sometime next year. I’m not sure the world needed this game, but we’re getting it anyway.

The second title to be announced was Gears Tactics, a turned based strategy game releasing on the PC sometime next year. This looks to be a much smarter use of the Gears of War world than a cutesie wannabee Lego videogame and one that I’m really looking forward to playing. It brings back many of the characters and enemies you’ve seen before including epic boss fights against the larger beasts like Brumaks.

I was excited enough to see these games announced (ok maybe not Gears Pop), but then they put the cherry on top with the announcement of a third game coming in 2019: Gears of War 5. It appears to pick up a few years after the events of the last game with the focus now on the protagonist, Kate Diaz. Much of the gameplay looks like your typical Gears of War fare, but with a few innovative surprises and rich cinematic scenes. Check out the trailer below for the first look at Gears of War 5.