E3 2018 – Madden ’19

Another year, another Madden promising significant changes. By “significant” they mean one or two slight tweaks, but lets see what they have in store for us in ’19.

Real Player Motion – Here we are again with them trying to make the game feel less stiff, hopefully they can succeed this time. “At the base of these advances is Real Player Motion, designed to deliver hyper-realistic animations with a higher level of gameplay. The elevated animations bring incredible elements to the ball carrier control.”

  • FAN FAVORITE CELEBRATIONS – Celebrate your way with a full collection of fan-favorite signature celebrations and bring the swagger of today’s NFL.
  • PUSH THE PILE – Push blockers rather than maneuver around them for tough yards.
  • ONE CUT – Accelerate and stop on a dime for explosive cuts to break through defenses.

The Ultimate Challenge – Madden Ultimate Team is back with more content and challenges to push your fantasy roster to Hall-of-Fame status. Not only will this season offer expanded legend content, it’ll add a new progression system and game modes to MUT.

Longshot Homecoming – Looks like Devin and Colt are making a comeback which is a shame personally. I really didn’t enjoy that story mode because you barely played anything. It was just a cinematic QTE movie and that’s just not what I wanted out of a NFL story mode. Either way, looks like we will be continuing their story: “Following last year’s critical acclaim, fans can continue the story of Devin Wade and Colt Cruise in Madden NFL 19. Longshot: Homecoming delivers more depth as these beloved characters continue their personal journeys, on and off the football field.”