E3 2018 – Star Wars Battlefront II Clone Wars Content

Despite the absolute disaster that was the launch of Battlefront 2, I have to give DICE and EA at least a little credit for righting the ship. I’m a believer of things never being too late as long as it’s done correctly and Battlefront 2 seems to have done a lot of work to make it right.

The first thing they wanted to emphasize is that they made a re-haul on all the upgrade systems and unlocks. No more are they locked behind lootboxes and all heroes/villains are unlocked from the start. The only things in the lootboxes are cosmetic items and i’m generally okay with that. On top of that all new content is free to the title so everything talked about will be coming to everyone without needing to drop a dime and I must say it’s making me want to come back.

The new content is focusing on the Clone Wars with adding in the likes of Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan, Count Dooku and the badass General Greivous. There will also be an all new map called Genosis which will be the largest map they have ever created.

Next week will also start the Solo season with content focused on the new movie as well as a returning mode called Extraction. The Solo season will start June 12th.

Also announced a new star fighter mode that will be an intense dogfight match focusing on hero ships. Similar to the Hero Showdown mode where everyone starts off with a hero ship, but if you’re killed you start as a normal ship. The first team to take out all the hero ships, wins.