E3 2018 – The Division 2

27 days after Patient Zero, Washington falls. Ubisoft’s The Division 2 take place in the nations capitol, agents set to take on a corrupt state. The Division is a game very much near and dear to me and no one has yet to handle games as a service like Ubisoft. It taking place in Washington DC is icing on the cake.

First thing I noticed is it looks like they have added active friendly camps. This is much better than simply having a single Base of Operations that never felt truly lived in. For New York and the dead of winter, that stark contrast to having an oddly empty world is appreciated. But 6 months later, Summer, having communities to assist and protect is a welcome touch.

Taking on enemies in the bright light of day is welcome, as are the newer weapons and effects but everything you love, or hate, about The Division seems to be back: Loot, grinding, bullet sponging, team-work. And with a launch date of March 15th 2019, we won’t have too long to jump back in.