E3 2018 – Anthem

We got a larger look at Anthem at this year’s EA presentation at the E3 2018 press conference, revealing a lot more of how Anthem works.

Bioware plans on blending together an engaging single-player story together with an online shared world experience. Out in the world you can meet up with other players and team up with friends to explore and combat alien enemies. However, when you go to a base camp, it will transition into a solo mode where you progress the story and build relationships with various NPC characters. The game will be entirely PvE focused and won’t have any PvP at launch.

When you create a character you get a choice of four possible Javelins, the awesome exoskeleton combat armors that fulfill different roles. There’s the well-rounded Ranger class which appears to be the middle of the pack in speed and armor. The tank-like Colossus, which can clear out traps and take a lot of damage. Then the other two javelins we don’t know much about, but we can gather that Storm might fill the support role and Interceptor, which will be the fastest of the Javelins, possibly acting as the team’s recon unit.

Anthem looks like a ton of fun and I’m hopeful that Bioware will be able to pull it off and create a worthwhile experience in an engaging world. There are also plans for continued support long after launch; every week new stories and events will expand the Anthem universe.


Anthem launches on Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC on February 22nd 2019.