E3 2018 – Just Cause 4

Why did you do that?. . . Just Cause.

Just Cause has always been a title that doesn’t shy away from what it knows its fans want. Its not about a deep story or interesting characters; Just Cause is all about random bad-ass destruction in a sand box. For the most part the series does it extremely well and despite the technical issues the third installment had, it had some great ideas with how it implemented Rico’s grappling hook.

Just Cause 4 is upping the mayhem substantially by including dynamic weather. I don’t mean just a nice rain cycle, I mean a full on storm weather. The trailer shows off a massive tornado that is sucking in airplanes and all sorts of debris. It looks visually impressive as well, but I can’t see those visuals making it to the final build, at least on any of the consoles. Also I’m worried that if the world of Just Cause 3 was as buggy as it was, I hope adding in these tornadoes that will be ripping through everything doesn’t break the game. We will see soon enough as Just Cause 4 is slated for a December 8th 2018 release. Check out the trailer below!

Update: We got a new trailer and some more information from the Square Enix conference. Check out the new trailer below!


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