E3 2018 – Microsoft Announces Game Streaming and Future Console Plans

It seems like Microsoft’s mission at this years E3 is to reassure its fans that they’re dedicated to investing more into the Xbox. With the announcement of them creating a brand new studio and acquiring four other studios, as well as investing more into their current IP’s and GamePass; it seems Microsoft is setting themselves up to have a better position in the industry. Which is great news for everyone, not just Xbox fans for competition breeds innovation and we need all these companies pushing each other to make sure we as consumers keep getting the best.

That being said, MS has announced that not only are they investing more into the gaming side, they are investing more into the service, hardware and tech side. “Our experts in Microsoft Research are developing the future of gaming AI, so the worlds and characters we enjoy will be more rich and more immersive,” explains Spencer. He also announced that the same top talented architects that worked on the Xbox One X are deep in creating the next Xbox consoles. Yes, that is plural on purpose, hinting that next gen may seem multiple SKU’s. Spencer also announces that we will be seeing Xbox streaming, now this isn’t the first time we heard him talk about this. Last year in an interview with Bloomberg he mentioned that we will see Xbox streaming within three years. If his time table is accurate we may see this service as early as next year.