E3 2018 – PUBG New Content

It’s interesting to see how PUBG is adapting to the pressure Fortnite is putting on it. There is no doubt about it, Fortnite has rose above PUBG at least in the general public’s eye since it’s on all platforms, it’s free, simple to get into and relatively kid friendly. PlayerUnkown sort of being the father of the battle royal genre in gaming seems to be lashing out against anyone trying to take ‘his’ formula. Which is silly considering he didn’t come up with the idea of battle royal, but he did make it popular in the gaming industry.

Right now PUBG is still one of the top games played on Steam, but it’s going to need to keep evolving to remain there. Luckily we finally get to see some of the plans they’re working on for both the PC and Xbox version. New maps, modes, cars and weapons in a timely matter will help keep PUBG at the top. Check out the trailer.