E3 2018 – Babylon’s Fall

Square Enix and Platinum Games teaming up for a game? Yes please and thank you. Unfortunately, not much was shown as far as gameplay or any other details besides some very quick timeline cuts in the trailer. It’s pretty much impossible to read the details given in the trailer in real time, but pausing and taking it all in gives us maybe a deeper look into what may be in store for us.

I’ll go ahead and list the timeline and the blub given and then lets discuss below about the possibilities of the story.

  • CE 5000 – Discovery of the Oversoul: During Albenland’s era of expansion, its people discover an unknown energy known as the Oversoul.
  • CE 5017 – The Age of Dawn: After years of experimentation, the Helos empire succeeds in developing weapons that harness the Oversoul
  • CE 5083 – The Oversoul Prophecies: A small group of seers hailing from all kingdoms use crystallized Oversoul fragments to predict the future and write down these prophecies in the Ephesian Book.
  • CE 5089 – The Apocalypse: The seers have visions of an all-consuming darkness.
  • CE 5099 – Waland’s Journey: By order of the Helos Empre, Waland travels to the darklands in the far south, foretold by the Ephesian Book as the location of mankind’s revival.
  • CE 5109 – The Soul Riots: With resentment rising against the ruling class over its use of the Oversoul, riots break out among the masses.
  • CE 5113 – World War: As the rulers of each kingdom turn against their respective populaces, the riots escalate into full-blown war.
  • CE 5200 – Divine Punishment: Disgusted by humanity’s unwillingness to learn from its past mistakes, the elder gods unleash their wrath upon mankind.
  • CE 5205 – Birth of a Goddess: With the purpose of rescuring humanity from the brink of extinction , a new goddess, Gaia was born.
  • CE 5208 – Birth of a New World: Gaia creates anew world in order to give humanity one last chance.
  • CE 5220 – Age of Harmony: Humans begin to inhabit the new world, and a period of peace follows.
  • CE 5338 – Scholars of Gaia: Concerned about people losing their faith in Gaia, the high priest Darius forms a consort known as the Scholars of Gaia.
  • CE 5347 – End of a Dream: The public Execution of a nonbeliever by the Scholars of Gaia creates tension among the masses.
  • CE 5356 – War of Beliefs: Unable to overcome their ideological differences, the Scholars of Gaia and the Helios Order start engaging in frequent skirmishes.
  • CE 5385 – Spread of the Soul Plague: The unexplained outbreak of the soul plague prompts the different factions to capitalize on the people’s fear and expand their efforts to convert the masses.
  • CE 5430 – New World Academy: Fearing for the future of mankind after rediscovering the Ephesian Book, the seer Maria forms the New World Academy amid the rapidly worsening war.
  • CE 5450 – Punishment: On the day of Judgment, Gaia turns against mankind.
  • CE 5475 – Awakening: Deep within the Shrine of Souls, the Nomads are born.
  • CE 5500 – Rebirth: Led by the Nomads, Humanity strikes back against Gaia.

So it seems like you will be playing as a Nomad and towards the end of the trailer when the CE 5500 timeline comes up, you can see 4 silhouettes standing their looking like some typical classes you may find in an RPG. This could be hinting on 4 playable Nomad classes for the title with a mage character on the left, a warrior, rogue and another i’m not quite sure of in the middle-right.

No other details has been shown other than this looks to be a PS4 exclusive developed by Platinum Games and has a rough release date of 2019. Check out the trailer below.