E3 Hands-on – Divinity: Original Sin 2

Divinity: Original Sin 2 was one of the best games from 2017. I regret to this day the fact I’ve only recently played it and missed the opportunity to review it last year and give it one heck of a high score. It received universal acclaim due to its great gameplay, lengthy story and flexibility, allowing the player to create a character, and dictate said character’s story at his/her will.

To my absolute surprise, the console version of the game was available for testing at Bandai Namco’s booth at E3 2018 due to the fact they will publish the title for PS4 and Xbox One sometime in late August.


It’s more of the same, but it’s more of the GOOD same…

This is going to be to the shortest E3 article I’m going to write for two reasons: the first one is the fact that playing such a dialogue-heavy and detail-heavy game like Original Sin 2 on such a loud place as an E3 booth isn’t exactly the best occasion to fully immerse yourself into the game. The second one is the fact that, well, with the exception of the new control scheme and the reduced (but stable) 30 fps framerate, this is the same award-winning title released for PCs last year. This is one occasion I’m glad there are no differences between versions: the original release was so chock full of content and dialogue I was actually worried some of it would be removed for the console release. Luckily it still looks as good as the PC version. I wasn’t able to test the game on an Xbox One X, but I was nevertheless told the game will feature both a 4K resolution and HDR support on that console.

The Xbox One version of Divinity: Original Sin 2 didn’t run as smoothly as its PC counterpart, but that was already to be expected. The important aspect is that the gameplay has been decently translated into a controller scheme, the framerate is still rock solid (despite locked at 30fps), and the original game’s content is still here. You may not expect anything new for the console versions of Original Sin 2, but you’re still getting the same fantastic game. Isn’t that all that’s necessary anyway?