Sunless Skies Adds Third Region, Eleutheria

Failbetter Games, known best for their literary RPG Sunless Seas, has been working diligently on their spiritual successor, Sunless Skies. Bit by bit, they’ve been adding new areas to the game while it’s available in early access.


Failbetter is releasing Eleutheria as a new region today.  Set to be the darkest area yet, Eleutheria is filled with oversized enemies and eerie tales.

“Eleutheria is designed to give you goosebumps… The enemies are about as scary as we can make them, and we put a submarine-sized spider that feeds on terror in the last game.”

-Paul Arendt, CEO and Art Director, Failbetter Games



Additionally, Failbetter Games has extended the Early Access period and is now set to depart Early Access in January 2019. Sunless Skies is the result of a successful Kickstarter back in February 2017 and has been in Early Access since August 2017.



Sunless Skies recently earned Failbetter Games their third Develop Award nomination for Writing or the Use of Narrative.

Players can expect an updated roadmap to launch on soon.