The Last Hex Hands-on at Play NYC

Back on the floor at Play NYC, we had the chance to meet with Luigi Guarnuccio of That Indie Studio to talk about their newest project, The Last Hex. 

The Last Hex is a class based card game with a procedural hex map that players travel across to reach the titular last hex. It’s there in the last hex space that the final boss resides. With each turn players explore the map, battling minions and leveling up. But with each turn, the enemy forces march away from the last hex, spreading destruction. If players spend too much time collecting gold and gear, destruction will spread farther across the map, destroying hexes and the rewards that come from exploring them.

When players start, they choose from one of three classes; either Wizard, Paladin, or Assassin. Each one is granted a certain amount of energy that dictates how many cards they can play each turn. The player and enemy combatant take turns playing cards to attack, buff, or debuff, wearing down their enemy until they’ve won.

Upon victory, players can choose one of three cards as a reward. But each card is associated with various skills that are similarly associated with a class skill value. For example, the Paladin’s greatest skill is strength. Any card affiliated with strength will grow along with the Paladin’s stat progression. An attack card that has a strength symbol might start as an attack four, but can increase one for each character level increase. Collecting a deck of cards based around a certain attribute will maximize player strength.

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