Hopes For Red Dead Redemption 2

Just a few days ago Rockstar Games finally released the first gameplay footage of the highly anticipated Red Dead Redemption 2. Although the game’s very first trailer was released almost two years ago, this is our first look at how the game will actually play and it looks phenomenal. With a camp that needs to be maintained, morale that needs to be kept high, horses that play better the more kindly you treat them, and so much more, the game’s not holding back when it comes to detail and interactivity.

With a game that high profile we go in with a lot of hopes and expectations. We had them for Ghost of Tsushima and we have them for Red Dead Redemption 2. Hopes like. . .

Meaningful relationships with camp members

The game promises that spending time with the other members of the gang will allow you to discover secrets and cause even more mischief. I think it would be awesome if the relationships became truly meaningful. Given that the story is set at the sunset of the Wild West, it’s not hard to imagine that some people are going to die. Therefore, making life and death more meaningful by making the characters likable and deep will go a long way in a game where story matters so much. The first Red Dead Redemption game focused largely on John Marston as an individual, but Red Dead 2 seems to focus more on Arthur Morgan in relation to his gang. Suffice to say, that gang needs to be worth something to us.

Action-packed, open-ended missions

A lot of developers like to emphasize that there are multiple ways to get through the scenarios in their games. And that should be the case! Most of us have different playstyles, so the less linear the missions, the better. The gameplay trailer for Red Dead 2 boasts that we can decide how honorable or not so honorable Arthur is. Hopefully that plays out in the missions as well, and not just the free roaming segments of the game, with actions that then further impact the story in deeper and more meaningful ways.


Incentivizing different styles of play

With the OPTION to play in different styles there should come a REASON. There should be a reason to go rogue and murder everyone and there should be a reason to want to hold back and become a friend to all. In most games that allow you to pick villain or hero, the consequences/benefits only run so deep. There should be a compelling reason for each person to go to one extreme or the other. Maybe even a reason to go middle of the road. Morality systems in games tend to be inherently interesting, so the more interesting and deep the better. We don’t want another GTA IV.

Customizable weapons

There’s a large selection of weapons in nearly every game that Rockstar makes, so I don’t doubt that will be the case in Red Dead Redemption 2. However, allowing players to take a gun they particularly like and buff it through additional special parts would be cool. It doesn’t have to be something overwhelmingly in depth, but it would be a nice touch for sure on even a cursory level.


A world worth exploring

Open world games are partly predicated on the idea that you should explore the world to discover its secrets and complete quests. To make us do that, the world needs to have secrets worth discovering and quests worth completing. I don’t expect Rockstar at all to leave us with a bare-bones open world. However, filling it with fun and meaningful things to do is important, especially with open worlds being so common (and somewhat saturated) in games nowadays.

What did I miss? Are you anticipating Red Dead Redemption 2? Or are you less excited about it? Sound off in the comments below and, while you’re at it, take a look at the new gameplay trailer below as well.